December 16, 2018


Come into the kitchen with me....
it's dark, rainy and cold......
let's put the music on Pandora and bake up something special, shall we?
How about the sugar cookies.....or we can even bake a pie....
the southern favorite.....Graham Cracker Custard Pie!
It is the holiday season after all, and now is the time to
bring out your family favorite recipes!

I have made the same sugar cookie recipe since we were married
in 1972.
The recipe was on the back of the box of the cookie cutters and
it's by far, the best one I have ever used.
It's funny how many cookbooks I have collected over the years
and still go back to my old favorites!
Every bride should have a copy of this all-time classic!

Is this not the sweetest?
My darling number 1 son, who wears his heart on his sleeve,
gave this to me as a Christmas gift many years ago....
of course.....I teared up.......

This may be my all-time favorite cookie cutter....
Wonder if our friend, Vee, has one of these?

Icing and sprinkles...butter and sugar....yum-O

This year, I was successful.....they tasted delish, stayed in one piece
and held their shape....all golden in this recipe!

I told the darling months ago, that I was
going to put the tiny Manger in my glass terrarium...
and we both just LOVED how this turned out......

Another favorite....reminds me of childhood...
Peace....Goodwill toward men....

I remember going carolling as a child with our Church Sunday School...
it was night and we went to many homes in our neighborhood..
I wonder why no one does that anymore?

There is something rather beautiful about
a freshly whipped meringue.....


Two thumbs up from the darling and me...you just cannot top
the old southern favorites!

We shopped till we dropped this weekend....
and we are finally DONE!
I dropped by World Market and could not resist
this beautiful stocking....I just adore it...!!!!

These were my Daddy's favorite cookies so I buy them every year...
and the tin just had me at hello.....

So,that's it from Estelle's lovies....time to visit, 
enjoy cocktails with the family and eat good food...
we are blessed and grateful for all that has been bestowed upon us....
Merry Christmas from Bo and the CALIFORNIA KIDS

The Divine Miss M loves her new cardigan we sent her....

Oh, how we'll miss the Duke....just love this boy!

Merry Christmas from Piper Rose 
the Atlanta family......

Our sweet Mae Mobley wishes
each of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS....

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:
 The presence of a happy family
 All wrapped up in each other.”

Bill Vaughan


  1. Did Miss M get to open her gift early? That sweater looks fabulous on her. Loved seeing all the Christmas preparations and the Christmas treasures old and new. P.S. Yes, i do have a Christmas moose cookie cutter. I have never dared use it because I think it’s so big that the cookie would break.

    1. She did indeed Vee...it was a happy gift since they will not be able to join us this year as we had planned....I knew it had her name on it! Thank you for such a sweet comment....wishing you the merriest of Christmas Day!

  2. Hello, I love that sweater! You have great tast in food and clothes! Merry Christmas, I have missed reading your posts! Happy New Year Dear Estelle...
    Hugs, Roxy

  3. My, my, my what a beautiful post. I truly enjoyed every minute of my visit :)
    Merry Christmas.
    Connie :)

    1. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Connie!

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  5. May your home be filled with Christmas songs, cakes, candies and all the love that this festive season brings.

    1. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas...stay safe and warm and enjoy your days!

  6. oh no! nobody else seems to have had trouble. but more than half of the pictures don't show up for me.
    I'm so disappointed! just an outline and clear white space!
    but the videos with music... la vie en rose especially... did! and I can imagine with your words what I didn't bet to see!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family darling bean! xoxo

    1. Oh no Tammy...perhaps it can be corrected. I wish you the happiest of Christmas Days!

  7. Betsy! thank goodness I decided to try once again! this time … though I loved them … just in case it was opening the videos that did it I left those alone! and EVERY single picture was THERE!
    oh the smiles they brought. the beautiful nativity … and the lighted church! just like the one I was christened in and am a member of in New York! it made me think of my mother! and the shortbread cookies and your darling Daddy! I seem to be ending every sentence in an exclamation point don't I. LOL! but I'm so delighted. I don't know why but I'm always heartened to see that Luke the Duke still looks small. LOLOL!
    I do want him to be a nice big man. someday. but just not so FAST! and the divine Miss M does look divine in her sweater! and Bo and Miss Piper Rose BOTH posing! and well... I suppose I should be gushed OUT! give miss Mae a Christmas hug for me. I dearly love visiting you dear bean! thank you for the effort of putting these posts together. they're a special blessing always.

    1. dearest Tammy..you are just THE sweetest person ever! I am so happy my small contribution to your day brings you joy....I never imagined....I thank you for visiting and leaving such kind comments. I love that it reminded you of your own childhood...that's simply delightful! Wishing you happiness at Christmas and a healthy start to a brand new year! Big hugs!!!

  8. So sorry that your Atlanta bunch can't make it for I know how much you were looking forward to their visit. Hoping all is well with them. I bet Luke is even more sad than you are...I imagine he quite loves to visit his grandparents and dwell in your attention!
    The lighted nativity in the terrarium is a brilliant idea...love it!
    Your home just always gives me warm fuzzies and I would love to sit at your table and eat up every dingle dangle thing that comes out of your oven...you are a true cherished cook!!
    Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

    1. Thank you dear Janey...we must make it a New Year's promise to meet this year...you have an open invitation to the table! Merry Christmas love!

    2. Let’s do it!!! I come to Plano every 3-4 weeks for Rolfing sessions. Let’s make a lunch date soon!

  9. What a Merry Merry Christmas post! The video snippets just made it even more special!
    I used my 1962 Better Homes and Garden Cookbook tonight! I love old cookbooks and have a whole bookcase full of them.
    Merry Christmas!!!


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