March 25, 2019


My project for the weekend was to create another
little arrangement to welcome Easter!
I came across yet a second darling little wooden box at
Walmart and could not resist the french country charm of the
Farmer's Market theme.....

An adorable vibrant accent to pair with this
precious burlap bunny!

I love how this turned out with
shades of oranges, purples and whites!

This sweet little arrangement cost about $10.00 to make..
now what's not to love about that!

What a lovely little way to create a bright spot in your kitchen!

Oh my goodness gracious y'all...when I saw the spring patterns
the Pioneer Woman has created for almost made me swoon....

I will say this may very well be, my all-time favorite pattern yet.....

This pattern is just stunning...I wish Mother were here to see this....
I would stock her kitchen in this pattern....she would have loved it!

and.....they match the spoon rest and tea towels I purchased
back in January!

I am so loving Spring this year....

Don't forget to stock up on those pretty Easter paper products too!

Lots going on at Estelle's inside and outside...
the gardening is undergoing big changes
this week.....
I look forward to seeing the Bluebonnets in April...
such a gorgeous time here in Texas!

March 22, 2019


I am absolutely passionate about this new daily planner!
I came to the decision to begin a new hobby
using my love of beautiful papers and inspirational quotes!
I have plunged into creating a personal daily journal
which will remind me of appointments, occasions
and reminding me of things that matter!

I choose the theme BLOOM
which means to grow or flourish with
youth and shine or glow!
There is a daisy on the front of the planner which was
chosen by the founders of BLOOM.
Daisies are a sign of purity and
symbolize new beginnings.

You can document goals to include personal growth,
health and fitness, relationships, along with fun and adventure!

And, so we begin the first attempt this month of
MARCH, 2019

Each month will be my vision board which hopefully
will continue to spark creativity and imagination!

Be Inspired
Love Yourself
Outline Your Vision
Organize Priorities
Make it Happen

It's a good thing to create a life that makes
you want to jump out of bed in the morning!
What new hobbies have inspired you lately?

March 20, 2019


My all time favorite blog posts are seeing what
friends are discovering and loving, so here are the latest spring finds
from Estelle's!

The Spring edition from Entertain and Celebrate!

If you happen to live up Nawth....then honey, these
vibrant spring colors are going to lighten your mood!

I found this to be perfection.....
the Easter tablesetting...just gorgeous!

Wouldn't this be THE perfect sweet ending 
to your EASTER dinner?


I began loving pillow covers for seasonal decor...
so much less expensive than buying new throw pillows
and saves an incredible amount of space too!
I am loving this watercolor pillow cover of
the darling garden bunny and his lavender Easter egg.....

How about enjoying a triple berry tart for breakfast?

Oh my gosh y'all..these are incredible!
This is just perfect for the darling and me
when we treat ourselves....good for two since it's
much less than baking an entire cake!
Just add a scoop of homemade vanilla Blue Bell!

I rotate my cookbooks each month
and decided on Keeping Good Company for March!

Yes ma'am....banana bread fresh from the oven.....

I think by now, the darling could open his own
puzzle store, but I love them all......

I wish I could frame each one....
every puzzle has so much to see and appreciate....

How adorable is this?

For beauty and bath,
leave it to DOVE to bring us a new body wash Mousse 
and fragrant new Bath Bombs...which by the way,
Grandson Luke enjoys also!!!
God Love Em'....... 

Oh this TATCHA SILK CANVAS primer is luxurious...
Miss M told me about this and let me try hers when she visited
in February....I am loving primer I ever tried!

For Spring bath fragrance, I am in love with
Lilac and Violets Shea Butter Soap!

I discovered the new Lip Vibes from Almay...
the packaging is so cute and I chose this deep vibrant wine shade!

OPI Strawberry Margherita

And....yes indeed I am shopping for Fall...nothing shocking about that...
I fell totally in love with the Autumn addition of Harry Slatkin's new
fall line in these stunning hobnail glass jars....oh be still my heart!

I also have decided on this table runner and napkin set 
for the farmhouse table, along with this
gorgeous Eucalyptus garland from the  Hearth and Hand collection!
Decorating is a passion of mine and gathering inspiration
is such an enjoyable hobby, I suppose you could say!

Sending you Joy

March 18, 2019


We are very grateful parents!
We enjoyed one entire week of having
our youngest home for a visit....we often
say how much we love one on one time with each
of our children....just focusing on them....when you have four
kiddo's, those times are very least from the parents
perspective....and how we treasure those times!
So this is a recap of a wonderful week!

He normally does not have time to eat breakfast....
out the door and working full exhausting days,
so we enjoyed a rather yummy breakfast each morning!

They LUV my homemade Egg McMuffins

Warm delicious waffles are always a nice change

And, the darling's crusty croissants with jam!

We were lucky enough to meet up with another of the kiddos
and even were able to catch up with our granddaughter
on her Spring Break.

Oh how we love Maggiano's

I love it when the siblings get to spend time with each other

Beautiful Abbs just home from visiting her bestie
at the University of Arkansas

The darling deciding what's for dinner!

I cannot believe we have lived in Texas since 1988 and had
not taken our youngest over to DEALY PLAZA!

It's always good to see this exhibit and tour still draws hundreds of visitors.

If you lived through the Kennedy assassination, as we did,
it has a deep sadness and surreal feeling to it.
The darling was in 7th grade and I was in the 6th grade...
we both remember every minute and the entire Thanksgiving weekend
when our entire country was in disbelief and mourning.

The tour is extremely well done and personal.

Again, the spot is was all so very horrible.
That drive down Elm Street is just so very strange.......

For our last evening, we dined at one of our favorites....

There were people everywhere celebrating
St. Patrick's Day.

Oh, how I love an Old Fashioned...
most Southern Belles and Gents do......

Thanks for spending time with the old folks love bug...
love ya' to the moon and back!