November 14, 2018


Speak to me gently....
It's cold and I need my cappuccino....

Not too sweet, nice to have on hand!

1 cup instant coffee creamer
1 cup Instant Quick Chocolate
1/2 cup instant coffee
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. nutmeg

Combine all ingredients and blend until very fine.
Store in airtight container.
Use 3 T. mixed with 8 ounces of hot water!

November 12, 2018


Hello Loves!
How did your weekend go?
We were down in Austin and College Station 
celebrating a birthday and an Anniversary!
We planned this special weekend way back in the summer
and it turned out to be just PERFECT!
Our first stop was at Bucc-ee's....we received a special
request from our youngest to please stop and take a photo
with Bucc-ee Beaver....which we did....reluctantly!
For those of you who are not familiar with Bucc-ee'
is a huge gas station, outside and inside...
it's similar to a huge and crazy busy convenience store!

We love being back in Austin and decided to 
enjoyed the cocktail hour at one of our favorite places!

Fresh oysters for the boys......

We then walked over to another one of our favorite pizza places....
it was SO fun and absolutely delicious!!!!

We had so much fun on this Friday night!
Austin is indeed a bit weird and great for people watching!
Plus, we were celebrating with one of our children....

We were lucky enough to catch .....

We left Austin early Saturday morning to drive
down to College Station and y'all....
it was a beautiful drive...the Texas
countryside was full of cattle ranches and
lovely cotton fields.

We had to snap a photo with our youngest Aggie!

It brought back all the memories of their college days!

Happy happy days!!!!
Perfect football weather too!

Thank goodness the rain held off for the game!

Of course, as you know, the darling
and I went to Ole Miss and love the Rebels....
however....our money and our children are Aggies
and the Aggies are in our hearts!


It was WONDERFUL to be back at the hotel,
relax with hot cup of coffee and talk about the game.
College Station has really built up since we had been back
and it was so good to see old favorites!

We returned to our favorite Texas Roadhouse for dinner....and....

we ran into some great old friends of ours.....
Life was good this weekend....
lots of fun and celebrating along with a fabulous college football game!

November 8, 2018


Fall and Winter months are perfect for soups and stews.
I love making my own, rather than purchasing pre-made packaged soup mixes
and really, it can be so easy to prepare.
I have learned that THE most popular requested soup that people order
in a restaurant is Broccoli Cheddar Soup.
I know my sister loves the soup at Panera Bread
and we used to love this soup at a favorite tea room.
So, I decided to develop a recipe that would become
a family favorite.

This recipe is perfect for a family of four or will serve up
a few perfect lunch or dinner meals for two.
A key ingredient I use which adds so much flavor
is Kerrygold Garlic and Herb butter!
I also use American Cheese, rather than cheddar as it melts much better.
I think you are really going to love this recipe!

3 T. Kerrygold Garlic and Herb butter
1 small shallot, peeled and minced
1 T. garlic, minced
3 T. flour
1 cup chicken broth
 1 cup Half N’ Half
1 cup steamed broccoli, coarsely chopped
(I use frozen broccoli and steam it about 4 minutes)
3 slices American cheese
Salt and Coarsely ground Black Pepper

In a medium saucepan, melt the Kerrygold butter.
 Add the shallot and garlic and sauté until golden.
 Stir in the flour and create a roux.

Pour in the chicken broth and combine until smooth, then add your Half N’ Half, continuing to stir until smooth and well combined. Add 3 slices of American cheese and blend until melted through. Now add the steamed broccoli and let this simmer on low until heated throughout. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Ready to serve topped with a bit of shredded cheese.

I serve this with oven toasted sourdough bread!

November 6, 2018


A short fall video of shared memories...double click to view larger!

Mid-term election Day
November 6, 2018

November 5, 2018


What a beautiful fall weekend we enjoyed here
in the great state of Texas!
We enjoyed Friday night football down in Joshua
cheering for the Owls and grandson Noah...
who made a touchdown by the way!
He is only a sophomore and making quite a name for himself
across the state!
He is an honor roll student and very sweet and soft spoken...
we are proud, proud grandparents!

I packed away most ALL of the fall decor...
I only left out a few decor pieces for Thanksgiving
which is the first time in forever that I have done this.
I need a clean slate to decorate for the Christmas holidays
since we are lucky enough to have Luke the Duke this year..
so I need to make it a holiday to remember for him!

The dining room will be prepared for the
Thanksgiving gathering.

This may be the last year that I can have cute little
Christmas Hallmark babies under the tree for him....can you say ADORABLE????

I am gathering the ribbons for lanterns and packages.....

This cute little guy is another surprise for Luke...
he is actually an Advent Calender!

I am most excited to decorate the formal living room
which is going to be all done up with shades of pink, blush and greens!
This gorgeous Santa is new to my collection and is going to be
perfect for decorating the piano.

We enjoyed a cozy and perfect Autumn evening Saturday with
a storm blowing in and the trees were dropping their leaves across
the greenbelt....we treated ourselves to Chinese Food delivery!!!

And.....we decided to enjoy Sunday morning breakfast at IHOP...
the darling's favorite.....

Sunday means an afternoon of football and since it's November,
it's our favorite time to boil a few pounds of peanuts.
This is a tradition!
Honey, in the south, you will find boiled peanuts at every gas station
throughout the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana!
I feel sorry for anyone who has never enjoyed a bag of hot boiled peanuts!!!!

Look at this beautiful Autumn day....amazing how quickly
our tree is becoming bare of leaves all of a sudden!

Mae Mobley is loving her fall evenings where she can warm herself
by the's her favorite fall activity, so to speak....otherwise
you will find her napping in a sunbeam!
The best time of year is upon us..let's enjoy the ride!

November 1, 2018


The days are growing shorter and there indeed is a crispness
in the early morning air.
Our neighborhood hardwoods are beginning to
showcase their reds, yellows and oranges...
there are pumpkins scattered throughout the gardens.........

Please let this serve as a reminder that I need not
buy one more pumpkin for 2019!
The darling said, 

"l'll believe it when I see it!"

How lucky I am that this is my morning view.
It is the season for bringing out our sweaters and warm tartan blankets.

There is always delicious food found in the kitchen...
which is the heart of our home....
soups and roasted chicken is often on the menu...
and of course, sweet endings for the darling and me.

We continue to enjoy the Hello Fresh delivery...
we find it perfect for our lifestyle and very healthy!

I love sharing additions to my cookbook collection and am loving
this gem from Alabama....I mean every recipe is from a fabulous
home chef from the, love, love Alabama!

The garden continues to look healthy and just vibrant for Autumn...
I have so enjoyed my little pepper plant which was a favorite of
Mothers.....I will always grow just what she loved!
I miss my parents terribly during the fall.....
I miss going home....

I snap a photo of this tree every year to capture that beautiful color...
it's a true gift of the season.
Yes, that is the moon to the left...I love seeing the moon in the early morning....

"There is something incredibly nostalgic
and significant about the annual cascade
of Autumn leaves."
Joe Wheeler

I have angels in my garden...
this is a very special one which was a gift from #2 son....

These mums came back from last year which was amazing to me....
I think the color yellow inspires us to be happy.

I am making a divine Toddy for Thanksgiving this year
which will feature this tea......along with a good Kentucky bourbon and apple cider!

I so hope you enjoy entertaining those you love
this month.
It's a glorious season to celebrate family...
I am grateful for Autumn Bliss....cozy interiors 
and favorite seasonal foods. 
Hugs and Blessings to each of you!

October 28, 2018


Can you believe October is soon to be over?
It seems like I write about waiting for my favorite month to arrive,
when I find myself writing about Thanksgiving in the blink of an eye.

This is the first year in ages that I did not
create a tablescape for Halloween or a whimsical
Halloween mantel. 
But, I did create one little area in our kitchen
to remind us of a favorite holiday...HALLOWEEN!

I came across this adorable little witch and just had to add
her to my collection...she is SO cute....beautifully made
and she looks friendly, doesn't she?

Oh we had such wonderful Halloween's as children....
it was just a magical fun-filled night with the entire
neighborhood aglow with lights and everyone
out trick or treating with hundreds of Jack O Lanterns!

I am making devil's food cupcakes for the darling and me...

I keep my decorations cute and whimsical for all the little ones...
never scary....

My neighbors teenage son decorated their home
for Halloween and he did an excellent job!

We always look forward to the children and their costumes....
they are always so darn adorable!

I am also making an Italian Sausage Soup
with homemade Dill Bread....perfect for our final October evening.

All the treats are ready.....
I hope it turns out to be a wonderful evening
of fun.....we love it all!