January 17, 2018


17 degrees last night folks!
That's pretty darn cold here in the great state of Texas!
SO........if you can't get outside and play,
here are a few ideas to lift your spirits inside!

Warm up with hot buttered grits for breakfast......

When was the last time you enjoyed a hot cup of Ovaltine?
Childhood memories...am I right?

AND....watching the best show ever created!
You'll feel better, I promise!

January 16, 2018


I love collecting recipes.....it's a passion that I have had for years!
Every year, around the beginning of fall, I search and search
for some of my favorites through a huge stack of papers that I have saved
and tucked away..sometimes coming across two or three of the same recipe!
So this year, I wanted to start off right with getting all of these papers
saved in an organized fashion!

I found some colorful organizers and file folders that would 
prove to be perfect for my craft desk!

Mae is always willing to keep me company
when we are working on a little afternoon project!
Dividing all recipes into categories.....
Appetizers, Beverages, Soups, Salads, Main Course,
Pasta, Vegetables/Sides, Cakes, Cookies and Pies.

This is going to be so much more enjoyable
when I need a particular recipe!

And....all the best seasonal magazines I have saved will
be kept in these files.

I feel a weight has lifted.....organization is a marvelous thing!

January 14, 2018


Sign.....the kitchen remodel is on hold for a few more weeks.
We all discovered the new microwave we had selected was going
to require new electrical wiring as it ran on a higher current than
the existing ones.
This was proven to be a whole new ballgame when it came to
rewiring and dry wall damage and repair.....so......back went
this microwave and a trip to Lowe's to pick out a new one.
I will say, Lowe's was efficient and very helpful in solving the problem.
It was just fortunate for us that Kitchen Aid just recently came out
with a Black Stainless that is going to work beautifully!

Jenn and I made a quick dash through Target and would you believe
I only purchased one item...this adorable 
shadow box calender!
One item that was fun I should say.....

We enjoyed another very good movie this weekend....
The Post  tells the true story of publishing documents ,
known as the  infamous Pentagon Papers,
 during the 1971 Nixon Administration,  
which chronicled the government's study about the Vietnam War. 
Tom Hanks plays Ben Bradlee, Meryl Streep plays
Katherine Graham and Bruce Greenwood plays Robert McNamara.
I will say this was riveting and brought back well known
names and happenings to the darling and me.
Our son and daughter-in-law probably did not enjoy
this as much as we did, since the figures of the early 70's
were not familiar to them.
I would guess people in our age bracket are going
to find this a very thought-provoking movie!

Mae Mobley spent the weekend keeping a low profile
and watching Bo from a distance......

After the movie, we went to our favorite new area..
The Boardwalk over in The Colony!

It was a gorgeous evening, yet rather cold and brisk!
They are really creating a beautiful area to dine and relax!

I think as this area continues to grow.....
it's going to be super popular!

I was very glad to see the restaurants busy and people
visiting new businesses!

Hook, Line and Sinker was our chosen dinner destination...
the darling's favorite of fresh gulf seafood was going to make
him a happy camper!

My suggestion is that they improve their wine list.....
other than that....it was a good experience!

Oh Honey....now THAT'S a seafood boil!

Over in Atlanta......

The Divine Miss M and family met up 
with friends and it appeared that Luke the Duke, Izzy and Felicity
were quite entertaining while enjoying Pizza!
Gotta love it!!!!


Lastly, we remember Catherine's grandfather
who passed away on Thursday.
I took this photo of Bob out on Elizabeth's ranch
when we were visiting from Maine.
I love this photo...you can tell how much
he was enjoying the afternoon and this is how 
I choose to remember him......
How blessed he was.....always smiling and happy!
Bob was 92 years young and devoted to his wife Ann,
I would say that it was a life well lived.
They both managed to stay in their lovely home up until
late last year, when they moved to a beautiful
assisted living facility
Peace be with you Bob.......

January 12, 2018


I found myself with enough fresh cranberries left over
from the Christmas holidays to bake one more loaf of
my well-loved cranberry bread...with fresh orange juice
and chopped pecans.
I have used this recipe since 1981
that was featured in my all time favorite cookbook,
which was purchased at the infamous CANTON FLEA MARKET
in Canton, Mississippi!
I have published this recipe in previous blog posts
but it certainly deserves an encore!

2 cups flour
1/2 t. baking soda
1 1/2 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
1/4 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
3/4 cup orange juice
1 T. grated orange peel
1 cup chopped cranberries
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Sift dry ingredients together.
Cream butter and sugar, then beat in the egg.
Add the flour mixture alternately with orange juice and orange peel,
mixing well after each addition.
Fold in the cranberries and pecans, then
turn into a greased loaf pan.
Bake @ 350 degrees for 1 hour.

January 10, 2018


Many of the You Tube women I follow,
have been quite happy with Grove Collaborative,
so I decided to subscribe and see how I liked it!
If I try particular online subscriptions, and love them,
I want to share them with you!

Everything was packaged beautifully!
And who doesn't love receiving a package chocked full of goodies!
I have been a huge fan of Mrs. Meyer's products for some time now,
and with Grove, I can have early access to seasonal scents which have
been hard to find in the past.

I also love receiving FREE products that are full sized!

I am loving this spray bottle, which can be used exclusively for
the kitchen or the bathrooms!
I think I am going to order a second one of these, 
then keep one downstairs and the second one upstairs!

These were all of the products in my first shipment.
It makes cleaning my house just a bit more enjoyable!

I am very cautious about products I use in our home and love that
these products are all natural, clean products....
I cannot wait to try them all and start the new year
looking clean and smelling fresh!

There is nothing to dislike with this as you can control
how many shipments you would like throughout the year
and chose your products!

January 7, 2018


The kitchen color theme is going black and white!
The new Black Stainless appliances, which we are loving,
just called for a new look!
I started with these very elegant looking glass candles
which smell AMAZING!!!!

And, if you are a follower of Chip and Joanna Gaines
from their HGTV show, Fixer Upper....then you most likely
have purchased at least one thing, from their new Hearth and Hand
collection at TARGET!
I am in love, totally in love with their designs!

We had a marvelous Saturday shopping and treating ourselves
to a Starbucks......

Do you know that everyone in the cafe was either glued to their phones
or their I-pads?
I wanted to shout....
and perhaps, then, they might have looked up and joined the world once more!!!!!

We took in a late movie at our favorite theater.....

It was a tense marvelous drama with Gary Oldman giving us 
a top notch performance!
We loved it!!!!

It was a lovely evening with people out and about
eating, drinking and shopping!

Anyhoo, back to Hearth and Hand.....
the first purchase I made were these ornaments for the 2017 
Christmas tree.....the love affair began........

Ribbon and gift tags followed....
I have an obsession for ribbons......

Placemats, tea towels and nesting houses.......

And a new coffee station for the darling and me!
He gave it two thumbs up...we are loving
the new look for the kitchen...the heart of our home!

January 5, 2018


I loved the way this turned out....
I have had this glass container for soooo long and just decided
I wanted to put it to good use!
I have used it to display autumn and Christmas decor, but
I just decided it was too pretty to keep hidden in a cabinet when
the holidays were over!

So, I came up with this idea, which you may want to make too! 
I bought bags of Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts and Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak...
I don't know if you have ever used this, but both are marvelous in your bath!
I then decided to purchase some dried Rose Hip Petals.....
and for the last little pretty, I selected one of Grandmother Estelle's 
pink floral Limoges tea cups to use as a scoop!

Carefully layer the Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan Minerals,
then sprinkle the dried Rose Hips around the edges of the container
so that they are visible!

Gently continue to layer the salts and petals....
until all are used.

Scoop a little of these lovely aromatic
bath salts in your cup and place on top.

Beautiful......for your side of the vanity!
Even the darling commented how pretty this turned out!