December 10, 2017


Hello Loves...
I am so glad you're here....
I just wanted to share a sweet little video
I created to show some of the holiday fun we enjoyed this weekend!
I hope your weekend was full of memory making......

December 9, 2017


Oh how totally adorable and cute!
BUT.........What must it be like to wrangle in a nine year old boy
and his 85 lb. lab to capture a photo worthy of the
family Christmas card?

The original idea was to have Luke the Duke sitting on the bench
Piper Rose sitting on the floor in front of him....
we see that Piper had her own idea of how this photo shoot
was going to go.......

Smile.......look sweet.......

Quick......take the photo......

Once it was decided that Piper
should wear an elf hat too....
Luke decided enough was enough.....

And, there you have it folks....

FA la la la la….la la la la

December 7, 2017


Hi loves....we welcome you to Estelle's
and are so glad you are here today!
How is the decorating going?
I have a few more items to place here and there,
but for the most part....the house looks and feels like 
the Christmas season!
We even have temps down into the 30's!

Now, I am LOVING the pinecones
I painted last summer specifically for
the tree this year.....a fun little DIY PROJECT.
They are snowkissed with a touch of sparkle!

I am going to do more of these next summer...
it was such a pretty touch of nature addition!

I also purchased a new tree skirt
in a fur trimmed ivory cable knit....Mae loves it
for a little nap under the tree.

I love the way the mantel turned out
and I am waiting on a new wreath to place on the mirror....
then I will share what we came up with for our woodland theme!

This was another little DIY that turned out so cute....
just simple, yet festive!

Do you love snowglobes as much as I do?

Father Christmas in snow white......
he now resides on the hearth.

This may be my favorite new purchase of the season...
this gorgeous print...I may have to just keep this up all year!

And, to think it was on's stunning!

Just a side note....I no longer burn candles because of Mae Mobley,
but I did purchase seasonal scents that I maybe will use at a later time
and out on the patio!

The details and colors of this print just are so beautiful......

So, with the foyer complete and the tree all dressed in her finest,
we move on to the dining room....
so much to's a happy time though isn't it?
Gift wrapping about you?

December 5, 2017


Cooler weather can bring on dry skin so it's a luxury
to keep your skin hydrated with lots of water and moisturizing
bath products.
I am loving this trio of body wash from Olay!

I have purchased a few products from e.l.f. in the past
but when I came across this facial starter kit, I knew I wanted to try it out.
So far, I am very pleased with this beauty's three products
that keep it simple and clean....the entire trio cost $18.00. 
Love it!

I love stocking all the bathrooms with new bath and beauty items 
when family is visiting.
It can make everyone feel a bit special that you
thought of them and they get to try new scents and products!
These three body washes are
SOOTHING in Orchid and Black Current
PURIFYING in Fresh Water and Lavender
COOLING in White Strawberry and Mint

I am over the moon happy with this new IT foundation.
I finally took the plunge in trying this "powder foundation"
after deciding I did not want to wear a liquid foundation for every day,
especially when traveling.
This has beautiful coverage and feels so light compared to liquid.
I recommended this to Miss M and my sister, who both
have lovely complexions.
Everyone, I mean everyone needs to look pulled together
and put your best foot forward for a fresh and pretty appearance.

Here is a gorgeous eye color palette from Milani.....

This is my favorite eye shadow palette for the fall and winter months!
I love, love, love Milani products....
their eyeshadow goes on so smoothly and light!
Their lipsticks are also moisturizing and not at all drying!
The color palette I chose for fall is Plum Basics
and the lip color is Rose Femme.

Of course, let's not forget our mani/pedi's!
I love these OPI shades for autumn through winter.....
An Affair at Red Square
Meet Me on the Star Ferry
I'm Not Really a Waitress

OMG...the names alone are fabulous!!!!!!

I would love to know what beauty products you have chosen
for your side of the vanity recently!

December 4, 2017


The Christmas season is all about family and food.
Your loved ones look forward to Christmas Eve
and tasting all the glorious treats you have prepared for them
When the children were younger, we attended the
Christmas Eve Candlelight Church Service
dressed in our Sunday best, then came home
to begin their treasure hunt and savor punch and appetizers.
What treasured memories these are.
Anyhoo...if you are like me, it's time to gather
recipes and decide what is going to be on the 
table for Christmas Eve.
My family loves Cheesecake and this delightful
recipe is from the 2008, Kraft FOOD AND FAMILY magazine.

It's the perfect time to make sweet memories.
This is an easy and affordable sweet surprise
for your holiday gathering.....

12 OREO cookies, finely crushed
2 T. melted butter
3 squares white chocolate, divided
2 (8 ounce) packages of cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup sugar
1 t. vanilla
2 eggs
1/4 cup raspberry preserves

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Mix cookie crumbs and butter, press onto bottom
of 8-inch square pan. 
Melt two chocolate squares as directed on package
of Baker's Chocolate.
BEAT cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with mixer
until well blended.
ADD melted chocolate and mix together.
ADD eggs, one at a time, mixing on low speed
after each just until blended.
Pour over crust.
BAKE 25-28 minutes until center is almost set.
Cool 5 minutes.
Spread with preserves.
Melt remaining chocolate and drizzle over cheesecake.
Cool, then refrigerate for 5 hours.
Cut into 18 bars.

December 3, 2017


Hello Loves!
I consider myself to be a tad bit ahead of the game
as this is only the THIRD day of December.
Do you realize that there are only THREE Saturdays left
before Christmas???? 
With the darling's upcoming surgery, I need to make the most
of the days, since he will be out of commission for a few days.

I must be "IN THE MOOD" to be productive...
I jumped out of bed early, made the coffee, bacon and cinnamon rolls
so that the decorating could begin.
I prepared a gorgeous big pot of
the ultimate homemade spaghetti and meatballs
yesterday and had enough to freeze a batch!

The farmhouse table is set and ready for the holidays......

My favorite little snowman of the season.....

My first cookie recipe to bake is
the Gooey Butter Sprinkle Cookies......

And, I came across these little guys yesterday...
I think these might make some darling little pudding tarts for
Christmas Eve!

Today, I am making Ina Gartens stewed pear and applesauce
in the crockpot!
I have made this before and featured this recipe
in a previous delish!

We did manage to put the tree up
and begin the decorating....

How darling is he?
Wonder who can make these tiny little clothes?

 A work in progress....
takes me a while to decide on what ornaments
I want to use......

I also picked up this adorable holiday mug...
And it was filled with chocolates and a sweet
little reindeer...which of course.....

Became a new baby for Maepole.....
Thank you darling girl, for always making it feel so merry!
You do feel merry, don't you?

The Christmas Kitchen in Atlanta is all aglow
with the appearance of Elf on the Shelf....

I honestly don't know how all of these adorable ideas 
can last for twenty five days!!!!

 AND.....the most exciting news of all....
all of the new appliances have been selected
for our kitchen update, which begins today
and will not be completed until month's end....
We are over the moon excited...
we selected Black Stainless, which we both just loved...
Let the adventure begin!!!!
Hope y'all are in full swing of decorating and baking....
by the way, Michael Buble' HOLIDAY on PANDORA is fabulous!!!

December 1, 2017


Perhaps it was the fall decor still sitting on the dining table....
the fall bins are still in the foyer......
order had not been restored from Thanksgiving....
no ideas, nothing to inspire....what to do? What to do?
Honestly, things like this wake me up at 3 AM.....
crazy I know!
But, magic, it came to me!
I pulled out my little felt pillow I had purchased
while living in Maine and it all came together...
THIS was to be the theme for the Christmas mantel this year!

My newest Santa is going to be placed by the hearth......

Oh...he was perfect for the woodland look I am going to create...
soft grays, silvers and reds.....
 I am so excited to begin the design!
Mae and I are listening to soft holiday sounds on Pandora
and decking the halls......

What colors are your Christmas accessories this year?
Is your theme Traditional, Playful...Elegant perhaps?
It's the happiest season of all....let's make it the prettiest one yet!