May 20, 2018


We have reason to be full of joy and celebrate 
Granddaughter Abbie this week.
Today we will be attending Baccalaureate services
as we send these high school seniors 
on to their chosen colleges and futures.

The graduation ceremony will be held on Thursday evening
and our big Texas Barbecue will be hosted on Saturday evening.
Family will be flying in from near and far...
so this is an extremely busy week for us.
I am in charge of "the cake table",
so today I will share what the theme will be
and a sneak peek of the floral arrangements.

Abbie's chosen floral was the SUNFLOWER...
she has always adored them and they are a bit
whimsical, just like her darling personality!
The first step was to design the glass canning jars
using various ribbons and embellishments.
I am placing each arrangement on a white charger
with yellow doilie accents on top of a royal blue placemat.

Miss M helped me design her cake
which is going to be two tiered.
I have high hopes it is going to be so cute and taste divine.....

I thought it best to play around with flowers I picked
up at Kroger yesterday to see how each arrangement would
come together...I think it turned out great!

I am really pleased with the color combination
which are royal blue and yellow....
her high school colors are royal blue and white,
as is her college!

This is a close up of the ribbons used...
burlap ribbon is so versatile these days
and can be found stylish for weddings and all
kinds of celebrations.....

Yellow daisies are a great accent flower
to the sunflower......

I think these are casual, yet beautiful.... 

The lantern swag was completed also, so I 
think the cake table is going to come together very nicely
for her's going to be a grand time
with all her friends and family attending.


May 19, 2018


I came across this recipe from The Wicked Noodle Blog and
knew it was going to be a perfect side dish with grilled steak!
I have made it twice since then, and everyone wanted the recipe!
It was the first time I had prepared gnocchi and I have no idea
what I was waiting for.
It is a simple recipe to prepare and just delightful
paired with a fresh salad!
I halved the recipe which was perfect for four people.
You can find the original recipe here!

2 pounds gnocchi
1/4 cup butter
2 garlic cloves minced
3-4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 5 ounce can evaporated milk
1 1/2 cups half & half
3 cups shredded cheddar cheese divided kosher salt & freshly ground black Black Pepper

Preheat oven to 375F.
Prepare gnocchi according to package directions.

Meanwhile, melt butter in a medium skillet. Add garlic cloves and sauté over medium heat for 1-2 minutes (do not brown garlic, turn heat down if necessary). Whisk in flour until thick, cook for another 1-2 minutes, whisking constantly. Slowly add evaporated milk, then half & half, whisking constantly, until no lumps remain and mixture is thickened and bubbling. 
Stir in 2 cups shredded cheese until incorporated.

Place cooked gnocchi in a baking dish. Add cheese mixture and combine thoroughly. Sprinkle remaining cup of shredded cheese over the top. Bake for 30 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and lightly browned.

May 16, 2018


This past Christmas, I received the BEST gift
from our Miss Catherine (our daughter-in-law),
which was this gorgeous INSTANT POT!
I have not used it until now...
what was I waiting for?

The darling will be undergoing a knee replacement surgery
in June, and his Orthopaedic surgeon is very, very
strict on getting his patients as healthy as possible prior to surgery.
He was encouraged to participate in a very limited, whole food
eating plan for the next month, so I am doing this with him.
The surgeons pre-surgical diet is very, very limited and of course,
there is NO SALT allowed. If it has ONE INGREDIENT,
it's allowed.......

You will need to do some research before using your INSTANT POT....
I read all the manuals and watched You Tube videos to feel
comfortable with the operation of this newly styled pressure cooker.
When we were newly married, I had an old green pressure cooker
from Sears, that we both remember so well...I even
remember my grandmothers.....things have changed honey....
and for the better too!
The first step was the WATER was easy peasy
and on to our first dinner.....

Jenn dropped Bo off in the early afternoon, before she
headed to Austin for work on the University of Texas
graduation and brought me her lovely arrangement from a coworker....
it is stunning and we will enjoy it until they return next week.

Bo enjoys being at our house and it will be good to have
him keep us company for these next few weeks before
he drives off to San Francisco......

You would not believe his toy would think we had a human baby!

Our first dinner in the INSTANT POT was
marinated boneless, skinless chicken breasts...

The side dish were these veggie spirals...
no seasoning.....

only pepper and garlic powder as seasoning...
15 minutes under poultry and they turned out great.

Well....I will tell you this....we both agreed....
pretty tasteless, but filling....
I don't like eating this way and neither does he...
I want to love the food I eat....
I'll have to continue to learn to spice things up....
however, I give the INSTANT POT,,,TWO THUMBS UP!

May 14, 2018


Texas girls are very, very pretty girls...inside and out!
I love how gorgeous they all looked and how long
these two have maintained their bestie friendship....
don't they look amazing....just like Cinderella for the evening!

Miss Abbie worked to pay one-half the cost of her gown...
now that's a great kiddo!
All I had heard was her gown was baby blue....

They danced the night away....
a good time had by all!
Now it's on to graduation day in a few weeks!

Miss M and I are doing the graduation party "cake table"
which I am super excited about.....the darling and I went to Dallas
on Saturday morning and ordered her special cake from Stein's Bakery,
which is the oldest bakery in Dallas.
I think this is going to turn out so cute...hopefully
and will be something she will enjoy and remember!
They're hosting a big Texas barbecue!!!

This is one of my favorite family photos from the past,
that I posted on FB in honor of my Mother.....
my second birthday celebration with Miss Judy to the right...
Vicksburg, Mississippi!

We are in the 90's already, so it's a task of watering everyday....

I received a gorgeous summer bouquet from our youngest,
Robbie from down in Austin...there is nothing that
brings a smile more than receiving fresh flowers....

Then, another package arrived from Crate and Barrel
which was this darling little collection from Reese Witherspoon's
Draper James collection....the Atlanta family knows me all to well...
isn't this adorable?

Mae Mobley was enjoying some Papa time while basking in a sunbeam.....

Sunday morning was Mother's Day and the 
darling treated me to blueberry and sprinkle donuts from 
Dunkin' favorite!!!

We were able to spend the afternoon with Nick
who presented me with this lovely, lovely set 
from Opal House....oh my, I cannot wait to entertain with this....

Greg and Jenn sent me this absolutely gorgeous
Hummingbird feeder.....I am just over the moon with all
these lovely gifts....I adore my children!

It was absolutely wonderful spending the afternoon
with our only child left living close enough to visit......
we had a marvelous lunch of
chicken and dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans 
banana pudding....a real southern late lunch.

I do so love this kid....he is a wonderful son and father...husband too....
Miss Cat was enjoying lunch with her own mother.....

Wowza....looks like Miss Elizabeth was spending her
Mother's Day in total relaxation....

Hope you all enjoyed your special day!

May 11, 2018


We needed a change to this little cozy corner....
more color...summer is coming after all!
So, I pulled together a few items from 
The Pioneer Woman's home goods line!

How charming and how happy this coffee station looks to me.....

I purchased all of these items separately and what is so
amazing about Ree's designs are, how
beautifully they compliment each other!

I think her designs speak volumes about her colorful, vibrant and sweet...
a lovely cottage feel......

There is something so charming about a little
cow least I think so....

It makes life a little brighter to make the start to your morning
as pretty and happy as you can make it!

This will carry us all the way through the end
of August....then another change will welcome fall...
what does your coffee station feature these days?

May 8, 2018


I think we are about finished sprucing up the patio for summer.
There is a lot going on this month with
our granddaughter's graduation, her grad party, 
the Atlanta family flying in, and the big move
to San Francisco happening on the same weekend......
oh yes, did I mention, our Luke the Duke broke his arm??

Oh yes....he went flying off his scooter, face first onto a neighbors driveway....
it was a traumatic event on a Sunday afternoon....

The school year is winding down and changes are happening every single day....
the move to San Fran is weighing heavily upon the darling and me....
this is a significant change for us and for them also....
I think I will be spending alot of time out here......wrapping my mind
about the fact that this wonderful time in our life is changing......

We will be saying goodbye to the Bo Bo.....not sure I can do this
without having a crying-melting moment.....
knee surgery for the darling is probably on the schedule 
for the beginning of summer......

I wanted to be sure he had a happy place to enjoy nature
and recover nicely......

Granddaughter Abbie will be off to college  in August....
the family will be taking a trip to Belize right after graduation...

Our dear son-in-law, Jay, is also facing major surgery
in the next few months...this also is bit heavy on our hearts....

For some reason, beautiful days outdoors
can give us a place to be still, be alone in our thoughts and
pray for those we they continue on their
life's journey.

Perhaps a good reminder......

I am loving this color.....
doesn't it just say...
Summer has arrived?

I am obsessed with lanterns these days.....

I need to make some lemonade very soon......

Opal House from Target is also helping
to make our outdoor lunches a bit more beautiful too!

Pack up all your cares and woes.....
don't worry, be happy!
Love y'all!