October 18, 2019


Hello Loves!
Well, this should be a real treat for everyone....
I am sharing our fabulous week we enjoyed in Atlanta
checking off all our Fall favorites on the bucket list!
We walked in the woods, gazed upon a magnificent waterfall,
ate divine foods, visited a pumpkin patch, carved Jack O' Lanterns
and even got to wear our new fall fashions!
Hope y'all enjoy the views as much as we did!

Y'all come on in......

Miss M's Atlanta home is warm and welcoming
and fall decor was to be enjoyed in every nook and cranny!

The fall foyer was elegant with a touch of Halloween whimsy!

As I have said many times,
"who doesn't love a well-dressed gentleman?"

The formal dining room featured
the most elegant tablescape showcasing
real white pumpkins!
I am so proud of our daughter making her home
festive and seasonally beautiful for her family!

The kitchen, being the heart of our homes,
held delicious foods and treats!

I just LOVE her pumpkin collection she has
gathered over the years!

Out on the decks, I was able to just sit and enjoy
the beautiful days of sunshine, being one with nature
and watching the leaves fall gently all around......
this is the time to just be still and listen......

On this beautiful Saturday, we were off on an adventure......

As it was a gorgeous October day,
it seems many people had the same idea..
we headed up to Stockbridge, GA to visit
Amicolola State Park and see the waterfall.....

This is the tallest waterfall in the state of Georgia
and the views of the Appalachian mountains are incredible!

Georgia is an incredibly beautiful state!

It's THE highest falls east of the Mississippi!!!!

We then drove up to Dahlonega to have lunch.....

A few glasses of vino, and some fantastic Cajun food!
Shrimp Po'Boys, Gumbo, Shrimp and Grits, along
with Red Beans and Rice!!!!

We also treated ourselves to Gelato!

We planned a full day on Sunday of relaxing and 
watching football....sounded like a good idea to
start the day with Mimosa's!

Miss M had some fabulous dips from Publix, which made for a 
perfect tailgating experience....

Monday we visited a nearby pumpkin patch and farm
known as Scottsdate Farm!
We were celebrating our last day by making Caramel Apples
and carving pumpkins with our youngest grandson!

This was SO much fun.....beautiful nursery, farm animals...pumpkins and
a place to shop for gorgeous high-end home goods!

Now, this was a marvelous celebration of the season!

Mom and Dad were carefully watching this.....

Pumpkin carving is HARD WORK!!!

There is nothing better for the soul,
than a marvelous fun-filled visit with family!

October 16, 2019


Hello Loves!
Do you enjoy creating  a Fall look on your dining table?
If you are hosting a family and friends soiree,
then they will certainly appreciate your efforts
when gathering in the kitchen for delicious foods and beverages!

It seems that Pier One features the most gorgeous china patterns
when it comes to seasonal decor.

The Divine Miss M  celebrated a birthday
last month, so I thought a set of new dinnerware
would be a nice gift for her.
These beautiful navy dinner plates and appetizer plates
are now being used in  her Atlanta home.

This pattern is known as Waterbury Leaves...I thought I would try
my hand at a Fall tablescape using the colors of Navy, olives and crimsons.

I just love the rustic textures of the season...
this woven table runner was ideal for using in this setting.

Sometimes, it will surprise you when using non-traditional
colors for Fall....I never really thought of incorporating Navy
into a table display, but I really love the look.

I also wanted a centerpiece that would serve
well in a small space..with the pumpkin being
open, it allows guests to see each other when sitting on 
opposite sides of the table, plus it also serves as candlelight
in the evenings.

You may want to scatter faux gourds and leaves throughout
your table to complete your seasonal festive look!
Now you are ready to relax for a fun and festive evening!
Happy Birthday Miss M.!!!

October 6, 2019


We are having our first taste of Autumn weather finally...
and I will say it is glorious!!!
Football is in full swing and I can say,
there is no better place on earth to be,
than an October Friday night at a Homecoming
High School football game in the great state of Texas!!!

Go OWLS!!!

Our grandson and his best girl,  who was crowned HOMECOMING QUEEN!

Congratulations to Bailee!

I hope you are loving your fall days as much as we are!
I'll be off for a while traveling, so I wanted to share
some fall favorites as we marvel in the October days ahead!

Kirkland's is one of my favorite places to shop for seasonal
home decor and as always, they did not disappoint!
I purchased this lovely gray velvet HOME pillow,
which has become a favorite of Miss Mae!

I also picked up this adorable pumpkin trio pillow
and the textured fabric is simply beautiful!

I am so in love with these throw pillows.....

Probably my favorite #1 new purchase,
is this fall art which to me, represents
everything I love about the season...
it is representative of all our fun times past, and current!
Hay bales, football, tartan blankets, pumpkins, picnics and tailgating!!!!

Autumn is probably my most favorite time to visit
Trader Joe's!
Here is what we selected on this weekend shopping excursion....

Doesn't this Autumnal Harvest Soup sound marvelous?
A tomato basil base, blended with Pumpkin and Butternut Squash...
how perfect this is going to be paired with a 
rustic grilled cheese sandwich!

How cute are these Fall Leaf tortilla chips....
a lovely tailgate planned with this spinach dip and Pub Cheese!

We had this for lunch on a busy Saturday afternoon
and both of us loved it...will definitely buy this again!

I am serving with Beef Bolognese Ravioli
with the Autumnal Harvest Pasta sauce,
again, tomato blended with pumpkin and butternut squash....

Most everyone adores the Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Cups
and these Virginia Peanuts are fantastic mixed with candy corn!!

Y'all, this is really good coffee....
in the afternoon I blend this with almond milk
for a cold brew...delish!

And of course, you simply cannot leave
Trader Joe's without a gorgeous fresh bouquet of 
fall flowers!
Oh, how I love the month of October!!!!
I cannot wait to pack for our trip
and all my new fall cardigans, scarves and jammies!!!