January 11, 2021


Have you seen the newest line of home goods
from The Pioneer Woman?

I just find Ree Drummond's designs so vibrant and sweet!
I simply couldn't resist a few of her cottage style kitchen items!

I think it's genius how her designs coordinate with other
patterns that she offers in linens, dinnerware and kitchen cooking utensils!

Never mind the winter weather is dull and gray outside,
when the kitchen nooks are bright and happy with such pretty colors!

I think this pattern may be my all time favorite....

just look at the gorgeous colors!

What a delicate, lacey pattern this one features......

I also love the way she does a scalloped edging around the plates...lovely detail!

I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across this darling
tea kettle....love at first sight!

Wouldn't this just brighten your day when
preparing breakfast for your family?

Perhaps you just may get in the mood to bake something special?

Ahhhhhh....Banana Bread.......there's the perfect recipe
to bake on a Winter's day.......
wish you could smell how heavenly this is.......

Thanks for stopping by today....
I would love to know how you are
sprucing things up in your home this Winter!


  1. I love everything Pioneer Woman! I've been slowly adding to my kitchen items from her collection. Every time I make a trip to Walmart for groceries, something from her collection seems to make it's way into my shopping cart. The colors certainly brighten up my kitchen.

  2. I love Ree's designs, they are cheery and vintage inspired.

  3. Yes, I love them as well. I gifted my sister with her Christmas tea towel selection. Maybe I'll gift myself with her spring selection. I know that after going through the linens, I need to replace a number of those old, not quite cutting it anymore, tea towels.

  4. It is looking like spring in your kitchen. So many pretty floral pieces. I would love to smell that banana bread baking. Love the kitty cat pictures. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    I love her entire line. it's full of such JOY. I would love to visit her Mercantile Store.
    and the little video... the music. always wonderful. uplifting. and I swear I could smell the banana bread!
    but... the best of all...
    I laughed right out loud at little Miss Mae Mobley! how precious IS SHE? the perfect kitty. XO

  6. I think the Pioneer Woman items are very pretty, but they aren't in my taste. I am much more into plain utilitarian things. But I think in the right setting they really make a lovely table and kitchen.


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