December 21, 2015


It's going to be a busy week.
I am thankful for that.
All hearts lead home at Christmas...

We spent a glorious weekend shopping the Square
in our historic downtown district.
Catherine and Miss Abbie enjoyed
all the boutiques showing their holiday finery!

The weather is still quite mild here in Texas
so I doubt we will even need a fire on Christmas day.

I am setting the formal dining table
with an Old-Fashioned Christmas theme!

My new additions....darling!

Miss M looked like a Christmas angel
for her Christmas party!

She did a marvelous job decorating her entryway!
I love such rich colors!

I am making an ice ring for the Christmas Eve punch...
Mother always did this....using fresh oranges, lemons and cranberries!

I am loving the tree...wondering if next year,
I will decorate with something new......

I always put this picture of Mother on our tree..
she was three years old sitting on the porch
of my great grandfather...how sweet and tiny she was! 

The Carollers grace the sideboard

Here are a few of my favorite tree ornaments.....

We are all so thankful for the newest addition to the family,
Piper Rose....it has been love and laughter since she was adopted
by the Divine Miss M and her family!

Time to finish up the grocery shopping, wrap the final arrival
of the gifts and begin the baking.
I "unplug" this week and only listen
to the Christmas station on Pandora....
light the candles and love my family.

I wish you all God's blessings for Christmas day! 
In the words of our dear Miss Tessa...
Gentle Hugs! 


  1. Your photos are so beautiful and so is your daughter, Miss M. Love your new additions and sweet Piper. Deb

  2. So lovely! You've talked me in to making an ice ring. It looks so pretty in the punch bowl. Merry Christmas!


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