August 9, 2017


Hey everyone....
As I have featured in previous posts,
we have been loving HELLO FRESH
for months now and are still enjoying every single meal.
This has really taken my cooking skills to a higher level.
Meal planning is fantastic for the grocery budget
and each meal  serving is less than $10.00.
We also usually have enough left over for lunch too.

I will share that the darling comes home from work
looking forward to discovering
"What's for dinner?"

I confess I am OCD on a crowded
refrigerator and prefer a neat and organized
produce section....this allows only a few fresh 
fruits and vegetables stored away as
they are used within a few days.

This has saved us time and money....
we leave ourselves free to cook our favorite family recipes
for the weekends
and I am so enjoying not to have to grocery shop all that often.

Did I mention, following their delicious meal planning
has also been good for our waistlines?

This is meal planning made easy and delicious y'all!!

Here is a great way to save $40.00 off
your first order if you want to experience


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  1. Certainly looks and sounds like some wonderful meals. It's nice to have someone appreciate you when it comes to fixing dinner. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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