August 10, 2017


We have been taking family beach vacations
for a number of years now.
After so many of these trips, we pretty much
have it down to a science.
Of course, it does take alot of planning as far as 
meals, cleaning items, drinks and of course....FASHION!
The boys are in charge of fishing gear, grilling tools,
ice chests and canopies.
They can throw in shorts and t-shirts and are good to go.
I on the other hand, like to carefully plan
my wardrobe for each day and occasion.

We go down to the beach early, early morning
and have coffee. Then we walk back up 
to the beach house for breakfast.
Dressing for the day is very, very casual...
swim suits and cool cover-ups.

I like to choose cool and breezy tops to pair with
 a pair of white dress slacks
and white capri's for the evenings.

I most always go with turquoise, navy and whites.
I pack a few favorite jewelry pieces
three beach hats.
I also select dressy flip-flops, beach flip-flops and
one pair of dress sandals.

I am over the moon about caftans this year,....

thanks to Patricia Atlschul from Southern Charm.
I just adore her and love her elegant, yet relaxed style
of entertaining.

I loved this caftan so much,
I bought two of them!

This is my first cold shoulder top...
and I ADORE THIS....
I also found a perfect pair of espadrille's to wear with it!!!

The colors are so beach friendly and
it also has a touch of sparkle!

love these new espadrilles

I have had this top for many years and
it is light and gauzy....perfect for an evening shrimp boil.

This Ellen Tracy caftan is so colorful and flattering.
It is long enough to be dress length so this is going
to be so comfortable for cocktails out on the deck.

This blue porcelain by far
is my favorite for this year.....

I take along one maxi dress for our
special dinner out at a local restaurant...
I love the navy trim mixed with all the colorful rose florals.
So, I think I am pretty organized this year....
love, love, love to look forward to vacations. don't you?


  1. I love beach vacations! You have picked out the perfect comfortable and fashionable clothes for a beach trip! I love them all.

    1. Aw thank you Elizabeth....hope you are enjoying a lovely summer....ready for fall aren't you?

  2. You've picked out great things to wear! You'll look stylish and yet be comfortable!

    1. Thank you Deanna....cool and comfort is key! Have a lovely day!

  3. I LOVE your beautiful wardrobe! I've had such a busy week that I haven't packed a thing yet and we leave Saturday! There's no way I'll ever be elegant as you - but I'm going to go with long loose clothing and a lot of coral and white. Plus I'm going to wear comfy longish lounging dresses as nightgowns. Both sets of grandparents are going and this is all of our first times to do this! I bought some special cranberry bubbly wine for at least Louis Dean and I to have on the beach and take pictures. Can't wait to see your posts as they are always my all time favorites!

    1. Linda...you are going to feel and look marvelous is white and coral..pefect! Just relax and enjoy your time....it can be a tad hot in August....my favorite time is early morning and evening....cannot wait to see and hear about the memories you create! Tomorrow is my last post for the book I have chosen to take and read.....then it's vacay time! I hope you share your clothes and packing tips!

  4. We did a beach vacation 3 years ago with the grands, but my summers seem to go by so quickly with work. You make me remember to take time and relax...life is short!

    1. Sounds like it's past time for another one Susan....things change as they grow up....I miss them being beach babies...hope you plan one soon!

  5. Betsy, You are such a beauty. I bet you look fabulous in your pretty beach wardrobe. I love the colors you have chosen for your vacation gatherings. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you Susie...As you grow a little older it takes a bit more effort to look and feel your best...thank you for visiting today.

  6. I love your Susan Graver top. I bet you look fabulous in it!

    1. Good eye Mechelle..the blue toile is indeed a Susan Graver and I love it.....thank you for stopping by today..blessinga and hugs.

  7. Planning the trip is usually just as fun as the actual trip to me!! I'm going with a girlfriend to Santa Fe next month and I'm loving shopping and deciding what to take. Then back to the beach two weeks later with some other girlfriends...SO EXCITED! After our big family beach trip, it's just nice to only worry about what "I" wanna pack and not the whole family!
    Ya'll are going to have so much fun.....love your caftans!! and so comfy!!

    1. Honey...do your feet ever touch the ground? Wow...you are a girl on the go!

    2. Heheheh.....gotta get it while I still can!!! if ya know what I mean!!!

  8. Those are just the perfect colours for a beach vacation. Is that your beach house in the first picture? -Jenn

    1. Don't you love the colors Jenn...yes, we have stayed here a few times and just love it so!

  9. I love your site and have followed you for quite some time. Would love to know where you found those adorable striped caftans. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. My caftans are from the Susan Graver line at QVC...I really adore them...hope you will too!

  10. Thank you so much! No worries about wearing these to same event - our go-to beach is in California.


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