August 8, 2017


So many of us will be enjoying the summer
poolside or beach side over the next few months
skin care is essential for everyone.
The great thing about a beach trip is "there are no rules!!"
You may feel like a day where you get up, grab a pair of flip-flops
and a baseball hat and go out the door....
we only have ONE rule...no watches allowed.
Time does not matter....

However, there are also some mornings.
I prefer to 'do it up a bit'
there is an art to pulling it all together.

These are my favorite skin and beauty products
for enjoying those gulf beach waves.....

I invest in a good broad brimmed sun hat....
one that covers your entire head and face.

The first thing I do is develop a good base color for my skin,
If you have fair skin, you are going to be very susceptible for a sunburn,
The Loreal Sublime Bronze Towelettes is my all time favorite.
If you begin applying this every 3 or 4 days about a  month before your trip,
your skin will be lightly tanned and better prepared for the sun.
Buy a good high SPF sunscreen such as CeraVe.

My all time favorite product for around the eye area is
Garnier SKIN ACTIVE moisture rescue.
This eye gel feels so soothing and cool for the area under the eye.

For my face, I use Garnier Skin Active BB cream.
This just evens out your skin tone and gives a dewy glow to your complexion.

I then add a touch of blush in coral tones.

I apply a hunter green or navy eyeliner
and a moisture proof mascara.

For the lips,
it's best to choose a nude lipstick
with a touch of gloss.

The point is to look fresh, slightly shimmery

That's it....you're good to go.

 I always carry my own fragrant soaps when traveling.
My choice of fragrance beach side is coconut.....
its hydrating and rather intoxicating through ocean breezes......

When you layer fragrance during a shower,
your skin will glow and take on the scents of summer....
blends of white frangipani,
 toasted coconut and bergamot waters 
essenced with a cool, saltwater breeze.

We take one night and dress up for an out-to-dinner
experience....I wear BEACHES by Lilly Pulitzer!

It's calling our name......


  1. Love your product reviews and recommendations. So helpful and informative!

  2. You beach routine sounds good! I love the smell of coconut and we love coconut shampoo!

    A nice natural face is perfect with just a bit of mascara and eyeliner! That is very much like my regular routine!

    I hope you enjoy your time!

  3. I like that you take care of your skin...oh how I wish my daughters would do better with theirs. I imagine the beaches fragrance to be light...oh there's no way I can tolerate a heavy cologne or perfume in hot weather...it becomes over powering. This is something a lot of younger girls do not understand...our body heat up and intensify the fragrance. I have also ran into older lady who bath in the perfumes....gaaa. :):) I am hoping you and your sweetheart have a wonderful time at the shore. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. you should have your own Fab Fit Fun box.....you come up with some great stuff!!
    I am FREE FREE FREE at last!!! Took grandkids back home after having them for a week...whew...need I say more??
    can't wait to catch up on whats been going on with you!!


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