November 21, 2012

Home to Mississippi

This is now just a memory....home for Thanksgiving

We drifted off to sleep with the savory aroma of turkey baking in the oven. There was something special happening. You could feel the anticipation and excitement in the air. We had helped Mother prepare the shopping list early in the week and her list included real whipping cream, butter, and expensive wines and cheeses. That huge mixing bowl had been sitting on the counter drying the bread for her delicious dressing.

The fine china and their wedding silver had been carefully displayed  in the dining room. We woke up to cooking, baking and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Daddy would be singing some sort of happy tune. He loved having his family home for the holidays. It seems all too brief. The time in which you were a child, The memories have not faded. They are as vivid as if I were looking at an old movie....hearing their voices and seeing everyone in the dining room. Then one by one, I see everyone gone...the dining room empty and now belonging to someone else. I hope they know that I remember.....


  1. I have been sitting here looking thru your blog, and enjoying every minute of it. Lovely blog! I am a "southern" girl in Mississippi, and was just wondering which part of Mississippi that you are familiar with?

    1. Thank you Teresa! I love hearing and meeting anyone from our homestate! I was born in Vicksburg and grew up in Jackson. I attended the University of Miss. and my husband is from the Delta. So glad you enjoyed Estelle's and hope you visit often. Merry Christmas love!


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