November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving....A Warm Welcome

Home is where we show love to those we care about the most! My goal is to always create a warm and welcoming home, filled with things my family and I both love, one that's comfortable to live in and delightful to visit! We had another glorious Thanksgiving Day and matching the season to the home plays an important role in all of this! I hope you and your family celebrated the day making warm memories. We certainly did!

Grandbabies and puppy dogs!

Miss Elizabeth preparing the Salmon!

The bride and groom with their new baby Bo!

Three generations....relaxing in front of the Chiminea

The family Thanksgiving photo to include Franz...the biggest baby among us!

We were blessed this year to have Bob and Ann, Cat's grandparents who are in their late 80's..a most amazing and beautiful couple!

The pies were baked and ready....delish! Pumpkin, Dutch Apple and Cherry!

The Autumn Mulled wine...this year I used red Bartlett pears, rather than plums and it was heavenly!

Appetizers were being prepared

Meanwhile....a beautiful Thanksgiving day was being enjoyed in Atlanta


  1. What an amazing time you had! Everything looks so very beautiful.
    Jane x

  2. There are some real treasures in photos here. Glad you enjoyed your day. Deb


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