August 1, 2020


Did you ever lie down in the grass
on a Summer's day as a child,
and make up pictures from the clouds passing
overhead.....isn't that a lovely thought?

Today, it's all about family favorite Summer recipes
that my Mother used to make....the good ole' days
of growing up in Mississippi!

These days, even a few new kitchen accessories
can be exciting....

Have you checked out PIONEER WOMAN'S new website....
She has a wealth of beautiful recipes and photos to look at....
just in case you needed something just for fun......

The Watergate Salad....
both Mother and Grandmother made this fluffy
sweet salad....I could eat the entire bowl...but, I promise...
I will restrain myself.....

New Orleans Seafood Gumbo

This is chocked full of okra, spices, fresh gulf shrimp and crab....

Serve over fluffy white rice and a side of good
french's the best life can be!

Summer Squash Casserole

Fresh strawberries over homemade vanilla ice cream

A custard pie....topped with sprinkles of nutmeg....

Oh, heavenly days.....

So that's it guys and dolls....
that's a pretty good sampling of our family dinners
from my childhood....simply the best memories ever!


  1. My mouth is watering from your pictures and descriptions.

  2. Betsy, I feel like singing , "Food Glorious Food" . So many good things to eat. I really like the new photos on your header too. The wee video at the end is so touching. Blessings, be safe. xoxo, Susie

  3. Oh that video was sweet...dear days gone by...

    You sure know how to tug at a heartstring.

    I didn't know that PW has a new website so I'm off to see what I can see.

  4. Oh mercy!!!!! These all look so delicious!!!!!

    Oh that Gumbo dish!

    And the veggie casserole... ~happy sigh~

    And yes, the mind picture of lying in the grass, and watching clouds roll by, is a delightful one. ~smile~ And kids, didn't think about the ants crawling around. ~giggles~ A more carefree time of life.

    But who sezzzzzzzz we couldn't still try it? Brush off any ants, afterwards. ~smile~

    Welcome Late Summer

  5. Yes, the video of photos, is precious. Cute little girl... Who became today's pretty grown lady....

    And what a marvelous boiling pan you have! With that drain cover. Brilliant!

    Welcome Late Summer

  6. joyous and beautiful as always.
    your blog just comfortingly says HOME.
    right down to the finest detail. thank you!
    and the tiny video at the end... perfect. xo

  7. Drooling over here...drooling, I tell ya!!! The gumbo particularly got to me.�� And the thought of lying in the grass and looking up at the clouds is a sweet one. I would love to do that again. But then there's the getting up part that can be a real doozie for me. My "gitter upper" at the present time does not work so well...I'm not sure it ever will again. ��

    Best to YOU, Betsy!

  8. I loved seeing all of that food. Such a nice post. I will have to check out the PW blog.

  9. Love the slide show of the old family photos!!


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