May 20, 2020


OF HEART......
Jane Austin

We are celebrating the graduation of our Luke the Duke...
moving on from elementary school to 6th grade,
which is Middle School....where is time going?
His teacher drove to each of her students homes and 
said good-bye...she waved at a distance in the driveway
and told them how proud she was of them all....
how very special of her to devote her time to these
boys and very blessed to have such a caring teacher!
The current times we are living must indeed seem so very strange
to the children.....I know they do to me....

No one knows what school will look like come August....
perhaps a combination of home school and partial classroom time....
we shall see what summer brings I suppose.....

Out in California,
Jenn sent me a photo she captured of this Mama Turkey
walking along with her adorable tiny babies....
have you ever seen anything so cute???


Our son treated us to fabulous Lobster Rolls 
for Mother's Day and if you ever have the chance...
try one...DIVINE!
This company got a big deal on SHARK TANK!

There may be nothing better in the morning
than hot buttermilk biscuits with butter and jam!!!!

Cinnamon Pancakes with fresh berries!

Philly Cheese Melts

Deli Style lunch for two

Italian Sausage and Peppers......

Best ever Beef Enchiladas

Chocolate Chip Blondies

Ooey gooey goodness....

Pineapple Upside Down Cake.....
I miss the cherries...none on hand.....I was bummed!

His latest beautiful......


If you are a scrapbooker, you already know about Graphic 45....
I love their collections and recently ordered this beautiful
set for a fall project....Eerie Tale

Also ordered this Christmas collection....
the possibilities are endless for crafting....Joy to the World
If you are looking for a retired collection, then
try ETSY or Ebay....

This past Christmas, I wanted a special
Christmas Eve cocktail for the family,
and the Trisha Yearwood, Christmas in a Cup
was the mixer I used, along with Champagne....
it was a huge

I ordered two more which were on sale at
Williams- Sonoma....for Summer and Fall!

I also fell in love with this beautiful French Country tray
which I ordered from Amazon!

Puttzin' Around....

My Mother's Day flowers are still lovely ...
I took a few fading blooms and added them
to an old Jam Jar......

I love using used glass jars for various little things...
do you ever do that?

I finally received my mask from Etsy and am
very pleased with it....Lilly Pulitzer!
However I have not been out, other than taking a ride,
since early March...probably will continue this until
late Summer......


The clipping below is pasted inside
a handmade recipe booklet made by my
Paternal Grandmother, Estelle Elizabeth...
I adored both of my grandmothers to the moon and back,
but decided to name my blog after Grandmother Estelle....
she had an elegance, a gift for creativity, and a
grand love of the arts and fine antiques....
she developed Alzheimer's when I was quite young,
but I so remember her style and things she loved...
especially her only child, my daddy....


  1. I must remember to make sure I have eaten before reading your blog! All your food photos make me so hungry! They look amazing.

    It is such an unusual time, Betsy, I agree.

  2. So many things to comment upon...first...Congrats to Luke! What a special teacher he had. Really, remarkable.

    You are such a good food photographer...I should never visit when I am hungry. Love the tea towel hanging on your oven door. So you!

    The final graphic and advices resonate with me. I laughed about the first...may God save us from that option! So much better to have enough.

  3. Good morning, Betsy. Your grandson is darling. I will definitely try those mixers from WS. You wouldn't believe how cheap lobster is around here because all the restaurants are closed. So sad. I hope this is over soon!

  4. What a wonderful post and now I am drooling-starting with the crab cakes. I have never had a frozen crab cake that was good. I will have to look for these. Drooling still over pineapple upside down cake. I haven't made one of those in years!

    Enjoy your paper crafting and I love Lily Pulitzer. When we lived in FL years ago-one of my neighbors cleaned her Palm Beach house! ooooohhhh-the stories she told. lol xo Diana

  5. Your posts always make me smile. In this time of isolation, you share beautiful snippets of life. Thank you.
    Congrats to your Grandson! A 5th Grade Graduate!

  6. Your description of your Grandmother Estelle is what we see on your blog. Everything you cook, decorate, wear, etc., is all done with such love and beauty. Something as simple as the scrapbook papers - gorgeous! And the pretty french kitchen tray and Lilly P. mask! Not to mention your cooking - I have used several of your recipes from time to time and they are now favorites. Your husband's puzzles have not gone unnoticed by me. They are masterpieces. I admire the ability to complete a large puzzle like these and he picks some beautiful scenes. Lovely post today, as usual.

  7. what a special picture of handsome Little Luke the Duke and his Piper Rose.
    he's just growing up too fast!
    and I agree with the commenter who feels you are the epitome of the genuine Estelle yourself!
    every post is full of beauty and love and visions of FAMILY. so very important always. XOXO

  8. I just wanna come live with you where there surely is nothing so bad as corona virus and where the food is so dingle dangle delicious and ever flowing!!!!! I just always feel warm after reading your posts! Plz Plz Plz share your enchilada recipe...purty please! and ya'lls puzzle building is phenomenal...I started one when quarantine began and I'm only half way thru. And nothing as detailed as what ya'll do....I'm so impressed!

  9. Hi Betsy, Even with the world in this awful mess, you have kept your home lovely. The food looks so very tempting too. I am glad that you are staying safe. It's frightening at times. I have prayed for all of us. The whole world. We truly need God's mercy. Blessings to you and your family. xoxo, Susie

  10. beef enchilada recipe....Please?????!!!! TRYING to plan a menu for next week!!!


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