May 6, 2020


We need to think of something....something wild and fun....
to fill our months of Summer.....I often think of my
Grandmother who continued life as usual in the summers...
the cooking and cleaning went on from day to day....
there were no vacations planned or days to lounge around...
I would guess the day she looked forward to the most
would be Sunday's when she dressed up in her finest
to attend the Methodist church services....she would serve
a huge family dinner and then family and guests would be
welcomed to sit on the porch for a few hours....all of them
dressed to the nines in their church clothes....

Well, Miss M planned a weekend adventure
for her little family....husband Jay said he really
needed time away from his home office and conference calls...
so they are going on a camping adventure....
they have rented an RV.....

And will be spending a few days camping in Tallulah Gorge!!!!

She also planted all the pots that are kept on their deck....
Home Depot had these gorgeous Poppies...first time growing these!


The darling has had a craving for a good Bloody Mary...
he is going to perfect the art of making it hot and spicy!

Sunday Morning Breakfast....
Ham, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches

Cucumbers and Onion marinated in vinegar....
I grew up on this....there was always a bowl sitting on 
Grandmother's kitchen table or in Mother's fridge all summer long....
we all loved this....the darling remembers this so fondly at
his own Grandmother's house in the Delta...
yes ma'am....this is comfort food at it's best!

We have had a difficult time finding pasta and pasta sauce
at the grocery....I am thinking it was a non-perishable item
snatched up by the hoarders and I know they include these items
at Food Banks for those in need.
After much looking around, I managed to find these items at Amazon.
I always keep a stock of pastas and sauce in the pantry....

Prosciutto wrapped chicken over spaghetti and 
Tuscan Spiced  Marinara Sauce,
topped with fresh basil

My Ricotta Italian Spaghetti Pie

Spicy Maple Glazed Chicken, Baked Sweet Potatoes and
Green Beans with onions, garlic and tomatoes!

Peach Picnic Cake

One large can of peach slices, sprinkled with yellow cake mix,
coconut and pecans with two sticks of melted butter.....bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes!

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

The latest Puzzle....

My thoughts are turning to Summer and our weather
seems to be warming up rapidly..into the 90's....
I always think of lemons during summer....
added to ice water, iced tea...cold lemonade....
so my candle scent choice, is this lovely Lemongrass Breeze
candle from Harry Slatkin!

The lilies are blooming...so beautiful!

Trees.......swaying in the summer breeze.....


  1. We're definitely on a temperature upswing, but it's still not summer here! I know you Texans are already having summer, though. I love lemon, too, and find it very summer like.

    Your daughter's RV get away looks fun!

    Your food, as always, looks delicious. Enjoy your pool!

  2. I bet that candle smells wonderful! Your food looked delicious. I have got to up my cooking game. Pictures of delicious homemade food like yours inspires me to try some new recipes.

  3. In my life, there are the four seasons: boating, before Christmas, Christmas and before boating. We have a camp on the river and the only break I take from river life is my annual trip to another river! When my kids were younger, my late husband and I had a motor home and took weekend adventures nearly every week. Summer needs it's only identity, don't you think?

  4. Hoping that, by just looking at the yummy food, I won't be tempted to bake. I also remember cucumbers in vinegar on the counter on summer days. We kids were always allowed them without asking! It was great. Your daughter's family get-away sounds like just the thing. That was a very pleasant video...🌿

  5. Well, you definitely have me drooling and swooning today, my friend. Your food is just always so, so...good lookin. Ha! I'm not a bad cook but my food would never win any beauty contest. And I've sure been preparing a boat load of it lately. I've cooked every morsel we've put in our mouths since early March. Whew...tuckered out!!! But we finally ventured out today and got some prepared meals from a local place. Their food is home cooked and very tasty. Since I was "goin in" I "loaded up." I got beef tips over rice, lasagna, and chicken and dumplings. Momma gonna have a little down time over the next many days. And Momma deserves it!

    Best to YOU!

  6. Loved this post! Your food looks wonderful (as it always does). My mother and grandmother never left the house either (unless my mother went to the barn to work). Sundays were her day 'off' when she prepared a huge mid-day meal for our family and any relatives that happened to drop in to say hello (usually at meal time)...lol

    i hope the kids like the RV. We bought a 30' that looks very similar to that one last fall and hope to be able to use it this summer. xo Diana


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