January 12, 2020


There is something about a cold Friday night,
that makes you want to stay in, stay warm,
eat something comforting and hot..and enjoy
a good movie.
We had a rather non-eventful storm roll through
the area with rain, thunder and lightening.....
perfect sleeping weather!

We awoke on Saturday morning to sleet hitting the window panes
followed by a gorgeous little snow shower......

It's been well over a year since Mae Mobley
has seen snow flurries....she quickly decided
she was not interested in feeling the cold wind blow.....

We had our normal weekend errands to run,
so this winter weather was the perfect time to wear
my new little jacket, hat and scarf my favorite color of pink, no less!
My sister asked to me to take a here ya' go Sis!

I picked up this beautiful new lipstick.....

The darling spent the afternoon putting together
his new Harry Potter puzzles, which was a 
Christmas gift from our youngest!

This is a beautiful magazine and my first time purchasing
the Magnolia publication from Joanna Gaines....really enjoyed this one!

Our middle son sent us this video
of their Friday night storm

Our January Snow Storm....such a lovely gift

By evening, the sun had come out for the afternoon
and warmed us up just a bit...we had a gorgeous full moon
which made our plans for grilling steaks perfect!

Don't you love the ambiance of candles aglow
during winter nights?

There is nothing better than a winter breakfast of
Chocolate Chip Pancakes and crisp Bacon!

It was a good weekend....all is well....

Now, hopping over to Atlanta...where the cold North wind blows.....

Piper Rose was enjoying her new blankey,
which was her Christmas gift from us.....

Jay and Miss M were together, making my Italian Wedding Soup...
now that's comfort food for a cold Winter's night.....

Now, on to California......

The kiddos attended a Stars game in San Jose.....

Even though, they have both been under the weather
since they returned from the holidays...they certainly enjoyed the game!

This was a new trail Jenn discovered....
now I ask beautiful is this?

I have menus planned for the coming week...
all new recipes to us...

Baked Caesar Chicken from The Cookie Rookie

Philly Sloppy Joes
Butter Braised Slow Cooker Pork Roast
Italian Cream Cake


  1. So lovely as always, your snow fall looks so quiet and peaceful, our snows around here are usually so sporadic, most everything closes down.~grin~
    Your menu sounds delicious, Italian Cream Cake is a favorite at our home, I hope you will share the recipes.
    January is a great time of transition, you have shared some great warm and cozy ideas, and you make it seem so easy, Thank you.

  2. You look adorable all dressed up for snow. I am glad that you had a bit of it. Will that be enough? ☺

    That chicken recipe you shared sounds so delicious. Wonder if that can be made in a crock pot.

    I liked the swing around the block and seeing what the family is up to. All good!

  3. I absolutely LOVED this post! the pictures... BOTH of the videos... the food... Piper Rose and Bo...
    it was just wonderful. we're having a misty day much like England. I'm pretending!
    and your photo for your sister is adorable! she will love it! xoxo


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