July 11, 2019


It is a well known fact that I do not like my birthday...
I know that must have some type of deep meaning with all sorts of issues
however, it is ....what it is.
I am extremely thankful to live another day and to have gotten
to this age without a major health crisis....
but I am always glad when the day has passed and the attention
has moved on to someone else!
I received sweet cards from the darling and my sister, Miss Judy..
I adore fun and cute cards!
I loved receiving phone calls from my kiddos and my sister-in-law in Mississippi!

I can now plan a fall shopping excursion to Kirkland's
with my birthday gift card....oh am I excited!!!!

I decided to make the well known Cheesecake Bites topped
with fruit filling...cherry and mixed berry!

Y'all know this recipe has been around for many years
and I have always wanted to make these for the holidays. yet never did...
so today was the day!

 I made these from the recipe found in my Atlanta cookbook,
Drop Dead Delicious!
They were a big hit, so they will be part of our Christmas Eve gathering!

Our sweet daughter-in-law Jenn, brought me these
adorable cocktail napkins when they visited us a few weeks ago...
I LUV them!!!

Mae was my faithful assistant in completing my
Fall Apple wreath....she loves napping in our living room
on the back of this chair...which now has a permanent "squish" in the cushion!

I planned the menu for a special dinner
with Nick, Cat, Miss Abbie and the darling.....
Fresh corn on the cob, Cajun Shrimp, Cilantro-Lime Rice,
hot crusty baguettes and fresh salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette!

I think we all enjoyed such good food...
being a weeknight, it is hard to drive up to our home
after work, with heavy traffic, so I greatly appreciate
their effort to join us for dinner....and they
brought me a gorgeous birthday cake....with
sparkler candles...I loved it!!!

The OLD birthday girl....
It was an ordinary day, but my sweet family made it special..
I am so very thankful....wishing each of you a lovely day...
be blessed and be kind....

The sounds of a summer evening....


  1. Because you don't like birthdays, I'll keep it short . . . Happy Birthday, I'm delighted you made it to another year, healthy and strong :)

    1. LOL...thank you dear Connie...thank you!

  2. you know when people say... you don't look a day older? yes. well.
    you just have one of those faces. or else you have secret surgery every year!!! which I doubt.
    I could live in your back yard. just the sound of that wonderful water. yes. the summer sounds.
    nothing better! sending you love and all the happiness you make for others throughout the year. xo

    1. Tammy, I thank you for your kindness! I would love to have to you visit and enjoy an evening on the patio...when it's cooler!!! Those high temps have moved in for a while. Have a lovely weekend and as always, thank you for visiting me!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday my friend!!! I know your heart grew bigger with family making you feel so special!!! Cheers!!!

    1. Thank you Janey...hope things have settled down at your lake house...bet you are having a great summer! Hugs!

  4. I loved everything about your birthday!!! Thank you for sharing it with us......
    I am a bit like you, though. I'm glad when the attention moves on. That's why I try not to be home on my birthday. I hope you know how beautiful you are and what a lovely life you have. I know you must know this!
    My birthday is coming soon......and I hope I can celebrate it as well as you......Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you sweet Linda....I think we both know how blessed we both are....At our age, I am grateful for each and every day...I cannot tell you how much I love reading your blog and seeing news about your family..I simply adore it and thank you for sharing your love!

  5. Betsy, Happy birthday....no matter your age, you will always be a beauty. Love the little cake and great dinner. Oh the cat's favorite spot. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Hi Susie...thank you SO much for your sweet words...hope things are well with you and those you love...hugs from Texas!

  6. Oh, I could not let this day go by without wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Betsy!

    Love from family and kitty...plus good health. A very special birthday indeed.

    I've seen that yummy recipe before but never made it. You make everything look so yummy.

    1. Thank you ever so much for such kind comments and sweet wishes...how lovely you are! We might as well eat our cake and make a wish right??? Hugs from me to you!


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