March 13, 2019


I love DIY'S!
When you make it yourself and you appreciate your creation,
then that's a "win-win!"
Sometimes, it's good to keep your hands busy!
So....with this in mind....
these beautiful spring decor items all came from Walmart!
They have some darling Spring and Easter decor this year!

I fell in love with this little wooden box with this french country design..
the cost was a mere $4.88!
I needed to see some Spring yellow
and these sweet little tulips were less than $1.00 per stem.

I mixed in a few branches of Eucalyptus and 
berry picks for a lacy filler look!

This just brightens my heart every time I look at it!
I would love to see what Spring DIY'S Y'all are doing too!


  1. Zip here, but I love this cheery, yellow arrangement. If I could get out of my own way, I need to make a Wal*Mart run. 🙂

  2. That pretty arrangement is spring in a box!!
    We are home from the country for three weeks and I hope to get out in the yard! Pull weeds, prune things up, and spread a million bags of mulch! I love mulch! It covers a multitude of ugly!!

  3. Betsy, You did a fabulous job on your bouquet. It's very springtime. I love that cute box. I also love seeing your headers, you have such pretty photos. Blessings, it's almost spring. xoxo, Susie


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