March 22, 2019


I am absolutely passionate about this new daily planner!
I came to the decision to begin a new hobby
using my love of beautiful papers and inspirational quotes!
I have plunged into creating a personal daily journal
which will remind me of appointments, occasions
and reminding me of things that matter!

I choose the theme BLOOM
which means to grow or flourish with
youth and vigor...to shine or glow!
There is a daisy on the front of the planner which was
chosen by the founders of BLOOM.
Daisies are a sign of purity and
symbolize new beginnings.

You can document goals to include personal growth,
health and fitness, relationships, along with fun and adventure!

And, so we begin the first attempt this month of
MARCH, 2019

Each month will be my vision board which hopefully
will continue to spark creativity and imagination!

Be Inspired
Love Yourself
Outline Your Vision
Organize Priorities
Make it Happen

It's a good thing to create a life that makes
you want to jump out of bed in the morning!
What new hobbies have inspired you lately?


  1. I have and use a planner, too. I LOVE your idea of using the monthly spread as a vision board. It is so much fun to use pretty papers.

  2. Wow! Nothing this creative that’s for sure. What a pretty planner!

  3. Such a pretty way to document all your ideas, dreams, "I Want List"...have fun with it.

  4. My niece has given my sister many cards she has made...and I want to make some cards for giving this year. I love all you pretty things. The planner is wonderful. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. I LOVE this idea!!!! It is wonderful,Betsy...so much fun and a beautiful reminder of day-to-day life and all the little beauties of the day!
    I hope you have a wonderful week! (a pretty journaled week). xo Diana

    ps- Thanks for the comment on my blog- for some reason my settings changed and I couldn't reply directly. I think I have it fixed now though. xo Diana


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