July 8, 2017


I LUV it when the darling treats me 
to an afternoon lunch date and a little shopping excursion.

Ever since the Divine Miss M designed her
little wine bar, I have wanted to update
my island kitchen lighting, so this is
what we were shopping for today.

This was our current lighting near the cooktop....
oh yes, all of those utenstils are now vintage...
they belonged to my mother and daddy.

The first item I selected was this BEAUTIFUL
wooden serving tray. This is going to have
a bevy of uses....especially in the fall months 
Thanksgiving.....it's just beautiful......

I have looked at this lamp for a few months,
so I pretty much knew I wanted this one
for our little update.....
along with a gray linen shade.....

I also picked up this little rosemary pot....
oh I ADORE this....it's just the look I was going for...

The wooden tray just sets the stage in this little corner....

I love cooking with a glass of Pinot and
soft lighting....somewhat romantic....

Thank you to my darling for such a lovely
afternoon...I am so happy with our new look.

I relocated our other little light to the serving bar area....

Are you beginning to receive your new fall catalogs...?
Mae was looking forward to this one.....
What little corner of your home have you updated lately?


  1. I love the way you set your tray up with those copper shakers too. My Ted has made many of those round trays..each of the daughters have one. :) I too love small lamps in kitchens. I just need more counter space. Fun when our hubbies take us to lunch and a bit of shopping. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. How wonderful to be married to a talented guy Susie..love these round trays. Hope you have a terrific weekend...hot and humid and Texas!

  2. Now I just need some of this sort of inspiration...as it happens I have a Keurig that looks ridiculous with nothing about to soften the look. It only fits in one spot. I don't think that I can do much with it. I did just this morning sew a new kitchen curtain...maybe that counts for a little something...🙂 Miss Mae is so cute looking at her new CATalogue.

    1. I know you will come up with a little something you enjoy Vee...sometimes it can be the smallest little addition to brighten a spot...have a lovely Sunday.

  3. I'm loving your new lamp, tray, and lovely rosemary plant. But I can't get past those burgers! I've never had the pleasure of eating at In-N-Out, but over the years I've enjoyed my fair share of Snuffers' burgers. My best friend lived in Dallas for over thirty years. When we were in our 20's and even 30's, I can't tell you the amount of food we could put away at that place. As we got older and looked back on it, we were amazed by our own piggie eatin selves. Ha!!!

    1. Thank you Tobe....yes, a good burger every now and then can be such a treat..it's our favorite and the people are so so nice....hope you're having a great summer and I always appreciate your visits.

  4. Loving your new lil vignette!!! And so funny....I just bought almost the same lamps for my bar at home when I put new countertops in last fall. I'll send a pic when I get back to the house...livin' large at the lake house for summer! My daughter in laws make so much fun of me because of my love of lamps...when they stay at the house and are the last ones up, they say it takes them forever to walk around turning everything off! So be it....they are so easy to change out and make such a difference in an area.
    I really like the one you moved too!

    1. Thank you Janey..I am loving this little lamp....how funny that we are so similiar...love that. Sounds like you are really enjoying the summer which is great...have a ball.


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