June 11, 2017


We enjoyed a very casual Friday night.....

It was glorious to take an entire Saturday
to shop and run  errands....have lunch out around the boardwalk.....

This area is still under construction
but its going to be marvelous for family playtime....

We all agreed......the food was REALLY good....
excellent fried shrimp and coleslaw...

I even chose an ice cold beer......
with vacation on my mind....

The darling does not like these photos....
I totally missed the fountain...again....

then it was on to Costco for steaks, crab legs
and a few necessities.....

hmmmmm.....looks like Summer has arrived.

A rum cocktail may be in our near future.....

I feel calmer just dreaming about it......
How about you...any fun getaway planned???


  1. Looks perfect! Summer has definitely arrived! -Jenn

  2. Is Ms Mae still waiting on her "Milk Julep" order? Poor baby. Looks relaxing. I'm not a "Gad About"-Where is CHIPS? Stay cool and "Just Breathe"
    Hugs and Kisses to Ms Mae from Grammy

  3. I definitely need some calm in my life! I imagine I'm there with you and may even have a beer on a hot day, XOXO

  4. Yes! In August we will join Amber and Mike and the quads in Gulfshore, AL. I am so excited! She has rented a beach house that will accomodate both sets of grandparents and as well as a room with four bunks for the kids and a master suite for A & M! I know she is taking her fancy camera and I hope we get to take photos the way you do! You are my inspiration!

  5. Betsy, I enjoy the days that Ted and I run our errands and then have a nice lunch out. I have to say that beach with the white sands looks so inviting. My 4 daughters and I are taking a 3 day mini vacation to Lake Michigan...it's no ocean , but we will have such a good time together. :) We haven't had girl time for a couple years. Love you sweet hat and flip-flops. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. No, I have shingles. Don't want to go anywhere.

  7. have I ever mentioned that I LOVE your life?
    and the darling is wrong.
    that's an adorable picture of you both.
    and have I ever mentioned your remarkable SKIN?
    it's just like a baby's bottom! which is a strange compliment I suppose.
    maybe it's only in the south where we say... smooth as a baby's bottom! LOL!

  8. Betsy, where on your Blog site is your Email address? I've looked "high & low" and I haven't
    found it.I have a question to ask you. Your profile says to contact you through email.

    1. Hi Blanche....my email adress is listed under my profile on the right sidebar. You may contact me at betsyjanesmith@yahoo.com.


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