June 9, 2017


Memorial Day weekend marked the
beginning of the summer season.
The kiddos have completed another school year
our days are filled with sunshine and swimming!
Why not throw a little weekend celebration
 Flamingo Pinks and Pineapple Yellows!

I tell you, sometimes you come across something
that inspires you to celebrate those moments in your life....
these cute, cute, cute bottles from Target
did just that for me.....
$3.00 per bottle!!!!!
I am gong to fill them with pink lemonade
and pineapple mango juice!

I just happened to come across these darling
flamingo wine glasses on Amazon!

To my surprise, my darling
Miss M gifted these precious
Lilly Pulitzer "Let's Flamingle" wine glasses
to me for Mother's Day!

This tray was a must have from Target!
I plan to use all of these cute finds 
in our beach condo....
that's our dream for retirement living
and so I'm prepared for a party on the beach!!!

I selected a white tablecloth
and green lattice table runner.
The plates are another dollar find from Target, as are
the pineapple cocktail stirrers and straws.
The flamingo appetizer plates are from Amazon.

Would you believe that I found
this beautiful Italian china plate at Home Goods....

With a pink flamingo matching plate....
they were a marvelous addition!

This little bowl is another
Home Goods find as was the
Pineapple salt and pepper shaker.

Whatever theme you choose for a small soiree....

have fun with it....it can be a delightful
treasure hunt to see what pieces you find
remember......you can do this on a budget!

We're havin' a Flamingo Party Maypole!!!!!


  1. Betsy - Everything looks so festive and beachy! I especially love the pink flamingo wine glasses. I would love to retire in a beach condo! Is your hubby looking forward to retirement soon? Have you purchased your beach condo yet? I hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. I spotted Ms Mae Mobley peeking through the chair back! "you is kind, you is smart, you is important". Love you Mae Mobley. Ya'll just have all the pool parties you want. Me and Ms Mae will just "sit here and observe"

  3. What a lovely table! I've seen a lot of these same pieces on another blog with a lady from Mobile, AL named Erica. She loves flamingos and pineapples. Hope you have a lovely party. You can be on the beach even without a beach nearby in my opinion.

  4. Looks like a wonderful party. I love Flamingo's. Used to have quite a few in the garden, but they break and I just didn't replace them.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  5. so delightful! the colors just sing!
    makes me happy. it's all in the details. and your details are simply luscious.
    i love miss mae photo bombing in that last photo!
    she personally thinks there's nothing wrong with a beautiful grey and white in the color scheme of things! not to mention that pale perfect pink accompaniment of ears and tiny nose! XOXO♥

  6. Betsy, It is all adorable. Looks like it's going to be a wonderful weekend at your house. Those sweet dishes make you want to celebrate summer. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. I am smitten. Love it!!! My mother had a big mirror with a pink flamingo painted on it. Sure wish I had it now. My kids buy me flamingo stuff as a joke now. lol xo Diana

  8. just a quick comment- Mae looks as though she is saying "where is that Milk Julep I ordered?"


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