May 21, 2017


I normally love some
retail therapy at Target and Home Goods
but I also take my time browsing
through Wal-Mart when I am picking
up Mae Mobley's brand of cat food.
These are new favorites that came home
with me this weekend.

This trip was stocking up on
the sweet side of the pantry
getting a few fun fashion items for summer.

Oh my word y'all.....
this is simply divine......

We love the Coffee Nut M & M's
They are going to look so darn cute in the PW little bowl....

My dear friend Colleen, in Maine
told me about these cookies....
let me tell, I keep a supply of these now....FABULOUS....
Thanks Colleen......

Little cherry pies are so perfect for summer, don't you think......

I really do not like spending alot of money on casual
leisure wear any more......why would you
when you can find some darling sports wear
for a great price.!
The brands from Bobbie Brooks, Catalina and White Stag
were very popular when I was in college so I am
thrilled to find these fashions.
Their line of GEORGE is also a cute fashion line.
Chiffon scarf wraps are very popular right now
and I chose this one for a night out in Austin....

I adore this little peasant top....
this is going to be so cool and breezy
when it's a scorcher of a July day..

Love this.....a soft gray and white which I
plan on pairing with a pair of white Capri's.

And lastly, a little halter denim blouse....
perfect with silver jewelry

I am still planting away for summer
How about you......?
What fun things are you finding for this summer??


  1. Trust me when I tell you that in Walmart, Canada, those tops would be a rare find. I found that M & Ms interesting. We don't have that kind here (or I've never seen them). I'll bet they are very yummy. We do have the Pioneer Woman line, however. -Jenn

  2. I'm still planting, too. It's hard to stop. There's a party goin' on in the greenhouse. Love the pretty peasant top and of course, love that Little Debbie. :)

  3. Must try those cookies and who could not like Little Debbie anything.
    Give Ms Mae Mobley a hug from me.

  4. Love the tops from Wal-Mart, will have to check those out on Wednesday. I also love Little Debbie, but being on a carb diet it's not in the cards.

    Have a great week. We are already into hot summer weather.


  5. I've been to Walmart down here in Waco a couple of times and I've really enjoyed it. Down here they still stock an art and craft area and I like that. It was a one stop shop for me and that was so handy! AND they had Blue Star Ointment!

  6. We don't have those clothes at Walmart. I didn't even know they had coffee nut m&m's! I was in the Dollar Store yesterday and they had the caramel m&m's up at the counter and I asked the clerk if he tasted them and he gave them the thumbs down. I may try them just in case. Enjoy your week, Besty.

  7. Wow, I need to shop around the Wal-mart in Kokomo. You found some wonderful items. I like that blue and with silver jewelry it will be very pretty. I feel the older I get the less I want to spend on clothing....so I shop carefully for clothes. I love chocolate graham cookies. I always wanted these growing up, but mom had to shop thrifty..so it was vanilla wafers or sugar wafers for us. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. Great finds! We ran through the big WalMart yesterday to get something for dinner. I spotted super cute spaghetti strap tops like you are sharing and the price was incredible. I'm going back. :)

  9. Don't you just love the Pioneer Woman line? I have a few things -- so cute! Also, the Better Homes line is really cute! I don't go to Wallyworld very often -- even though it's just around the corner. But when I do, I also pick up Wind Song powder and body spray! And I love their summer outdoor stuff! Yay!

  10. I love sweet treats! I am going to have to go and look for these cookies, especially the mint!


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