April 11, 2017


I will say from the beginning,
I decided I was really not going to decorate for Easter
this year.......at least not too much.
But then, something catches my eye
that inspires me to create something we can
all enjoy for the holiday.
And....this little chocolate bunny called,
Carrot Patch Pete....just was too cute not
to feature on the farmhouse table!
And so it began........

I wanted the theme to be
"Bunnies in the Garden"
with little accents of carrots....
spring greens and vibrant orange from the carrots!
When I found these darling paper plates,
well....it was just going to come together
with what I had hoped for!

It is ever so easy to use certain pieces over and over
when you have the basics...
woven charges, white dinner plates
and I never mind using holiday paper plates as an accent.
I also took Waverly material and cut strips for a touch of spring green. 

I added some matching napkins 
found this cute little bunny "driving a carrot"
at Kroger of all places!

For the centerpiece I chose my favorite garden rabbit......

These petit fours from Stein's bakery
were from Greg's birthday bash....
see that tiny carrot....
after we noshed on the little cakes.....

I added it to the new bunny...
how perfect is this!

I just think this is THE cutest accent......

This fun theme just took on a life of it's own......
adorable salt and pepper shakers.....

I found carrot shakers, as well as
garden rabbits.....

These are just those little kitchen accents
that will one day be "vintage".....

It's actually fun to see what little accents you can add....

I think it was the perfect casual theme for the farmhouse table.........

I really had a great time creating this!
I cannot wait to see what YOU have created in
YOUR HOME for Easter decorating !
Please visit again this week for our fireplace mantel reveal ,
cookies for the Easter baskets and the formal dining room!
Oh yes....DIY thank you gifts too! 


  1. Good Morning Betsy - This is such a sweet tablescape! I'm glad you had fun creating it. As always, your posts start my day off with a smile. I look forward to the other posts you have planned for this week. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Hey Connie! I am so glad a post will add something fun to your day. I always appreciate a visit from a sweet blogging friend. Have a lovely day!

  2. Oh I really like that Lindt chocloate carrot...will be looking for some!

    1. Hi Vee! Aren't these cute! Hope you enjoy your Easter decorating!

  3. It's all so adorable.

    1. Why thank you Deb.....so happy to have you visit today! Wishing you a lovely Easter Day!

  4. What a adorable table. I laughed about the bunny driving a carrot. So cute. I love the shakers. They will be keepsakes. Blessings for a fun Easter. xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you Susie! Glad you enjoyed this! Hope you have great plans for a blessed Easter day!

  5. You always find such cute things!

    1. Thank you for visiting Deanna....hope you are having a lovely week!

  6. Betsy, your theme at the farmhouse table is adorable. A carrot car driven by a bunny--what could be cuter? Happy decorating, my friend. ♥

    1. Thank you Martha Ellen....he was just too cute! I look foward to reading about your Easter Sunday..warm hugs!

  7. oh so adorable! a beautiful little beatrix potter table right there in texas!
    once I worked in a large hotel and convention center. I had to dress up as an easter bunny.
    I had finished my duties for the day and stood in line at the sumptuous buffet.
    so far I had only put a spoon full of carrot raisin salad on my plate.
    a tiny voice behind me said "look mom! he do eats carrots!"
    I smiled to myself and just took my plate to my table. I wasn't about to disappoint the little person! XO♥ (and yes... later I got everything! I was one ravenous rabbit!)

    1. Oh Tammy..what a sweet story! You are precious! I wish you a lovely Easter Sunday!

  8. I am decorating and setting the tables for our Good Friday Luncheon.

    1. i look forward to seeing your table Linda. There is always so much to look at with your decorations! Should be festive!

  9. I got distracted and hit publish while looking up at the TV!!! Your table looks so pretty - as usual! Funny how things have a way of coming together once you form a theme in your mind!

  10. This is a darling tablescape, Betsy! I love rabbits, and all the carrots are such a perfect touch. :D You did a great job, and I bet you'll smile every time you look at the table.

    Happy Easter to you, my friend.


    Denise at Forest Manor


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