April 9, 2017


This was a weekend long celebration of
being "thirty-something!"

Time to go out on the town
and enjoy some night life!

Cocktails at the ice bar.......

Explaining a bad haircut.....

A really great daughter-in-law......
we talked about Big Little Lies over and over......

How about a beautiful Cran Cosmo?

Brick oven pizza for them, meat lovers
for us, Margherita style!

Vino anyone?

Friday night lights

This is downtown Plano

Urban style town homes across from the 
entertainment pavilion

There's a full moon on the rise......

Saturday was a day full of activity....
preparations were underway for
a crawfish boil!
The darling sure looks happy
with this BIG NEW POT!

Preparing the appetizers...
OMG...these were amazing!

"What the heck are those?"
They stink too!
~Bo Bo

It's five o'clock....
spring Pinot Grigio time.....

I am going to make these for many more celebrations!
Creamy corn stuffed sweet peppers!

He even bought a new paddle.......

Cajun boil.....
there's a method to the madness.....

Now that's a big ole pot of goodness.....

Good lord....
looks like we are feeding an army...
shrimp and crab for me......

So glad these three could make the celebration!
This was a weekend of fun on a bun!
Almost makes it worth turning another year older...
fun, good food, cocktails, birthday cake

I hope y'all stop by this week...
we are going to have so much fun with 
Easter and spring!


  1. Happy Birthday to "the boy"! I have not been to one of those boils in year and years and years! Looks like fun to me! xo Diana

  2. As long as it's someone else turning older and not ME!!!! We had crawfish this weekend too...about 89 lbs worth. And not nary a tail left over!! We will be cooking them again next weekend too....we crawfish ho's!!!!
    This is so funny....you prolly saw my son and daughter in law at the pub if y'all were there Friday night...so were they!! Small world, eh??? We just MUST meet up soon!!!
    Can't wait for your Easter surprises!!

  3. What a perfectly marvelouis celebration!! That's one seriously BIG pot - but I see you needed it to be that big! You and yours are such beautiful people! Shall we be looking for that appetizer recipe soon?

  4. That looks like a fantastic birthday celebration! Your dog certainly seems curious about what's in that cooler! -Jenn

  5. What a fantastic celebration! Everything looks delicious. Thanks for showing the pictures of Plano. I love seeing other people's cities.

  6. I'm not a big fan of seafood, but I liked seeing how you did it and celebrated! Those appetizers look great, though!

  7. What a fantastic weekend. Will you share your appetizer recipe. It sure looks good

    1. Hi Patricia! I most certainly will share this recipe. Everyone loved them! Thank you for stopping by today!


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