March 5, 2017


Spring has arrived in Atlanta......
actually in Texas too!
Baseball is up and running for both grandchildren.
How about those uniforms?
Americana colors and baseball go hand-in-hand, don't you think?

Luke's Uncle Phil and his Dad
are offering a few tips on how to get a triple!

Now THIS is the week we have been waiting for....
the Atlanta visit!

Luke and I will be giving a party this week.....
these little guys will be there......

Oh the fun we will have......
can you guess our theme yet?
He only has a short window of time to embrace
all the childhood wonders of classic tales....
so we are going to indulge our imaginations and 
throw a great celebration!

What's going on at your house today?


  1. What wonderful pics of Luke and his baseball team mates! As you know, my grandson Tyler had his first t-ball game yesterday. Unfortunately it was damp and chilly here but they still were able to make it through the entire "game". I love seeing photos of your family! Enjoy your visit with the Atlanta family!

    1. Hi Connie! Yes, spring sports are always a bit cold and rainy! Been there-done that many times with our own children.Thank you for stopping by today and leaving me such a sweet comment. I know you must have enjoyed Tyler's game! Enjoy your week!

  2. Just the two of us, boyfriend and I, at the lakehouse for the weekend. We got a few chores done in the yard yesterday and I cleaned out a couple of closets, getting ready for when we move over for summer. But basically all we've done that's fun is cook, eat, cook and eat!!!! The rain came, which made for good naps and some netflix!! Huge steaks on fri night, crawfish last night and eggs benedict this morning. Fried shrimp tonight. OH MY!!!!! See what I mean??? #goodeatinghabitsdownthedrain
    But oh what a relaxing soothing weekend it's been!!
    Have a blast with your kiddos this week.....looks like you've got lots of plans!!

  3. I know you have been SO looking forward to this visit! It will be so much fun to see what all you do this week!!
    I have my daughter, Summer, here at home as she recovers from her back surgery. Even under these circumstances, it is nice to have my oldest daughter right here with me.


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