March 3, 2017


We have exciting news at Estelle's!
It's the HELLO FRESH experience!
For the past month or so, our son has been ordering
Hello Fresh meals and he and his lovely bride, Jenn,
have loved them!
This prompted the Divine Miss M to give it a try and she
really liked the dinners also!
I was convinced to jump on their band wagon
after being treated to two separate meals last weekend.
Our amazing chef of a son, brought up two of their boxes
when visiting and treated us to a marvelous weekend dinner!
Our first order arrived today!

There are three different plans offered...
The Family Plan, The Classic Plan or the Vegetarian Plan.
You may order for two people or four people. 
We ordered the Classic Plan and chose
three meals for the week.
It arrived in perfect condition with all of the listed ingredients.

There are two huge blocks of wrapped ice which 
keep meat and fish very cold during the overnight shipment.

Each meal you have selected comes with detailed
instructions and takes less than one hour to prepare.
The ingredients were all beautiful and fresh.

Our first dinner to prepare
will be the Sweet "N" Smoky Pork Chops
with Sweet Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts Hash.

Here's what I like about Hello Fresh...
It saves me steps in meal planning.
These are recipes that I would not normally prepare.
They are healthy.
It saves me time. 

If you would like to try your own
Hello Fresh
experience, you may use this code
BETSYJA and you will receive $40 off your first box!


  1. Beautiful new header...love the pinks!

    This meal delivery sounds like just the thing for busy families or for a now and then treat. A bit rich for my budget so I guess it's scrambled eggs for me! =D

  2. My #1 and her beau were ordering Hello Fresh for awhile. Have a wonderful weekend, Betsy.

  3. Love the header too...can you teach me how to do that? I think Hello Fresh is a great idea for those who have little time to cook healthy. I love to shop, go to the farmer's markets, and design meals around my vegetarian preferences, so I probably won't be trying this, but happy to know it's there for those who are stretched for time. Have a lovely day, my friend XOXO

  4. I've looked into several of these meal plans but they are all too expensive. I made dinner for my husband and myself the other night for $5.50. Much cheaper than Hello Fresh. But I think they are a great idea. It sure saves time and gives you ideas of things you probably wouldn't try on your own.


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