March 31, 2017


This is going to be a treat for all
my friends and family
living in the cold snowy North right now!
All of this beautiful inspiration may
help turn your thoughts toward spring and warm sunny days.

Here in the south,
we can plan outdoor parties for many months of the year....
especially during spring!
I think it will be fun to just see how pretty we can make 
a garden party!
These are my picks for creating the most fabulous 
outdoor soiree!

Plan on wearing the prettiest and most feminine dress
you can find.....be sure to splash on your best fragrance too! 

Plan for the early evening hours
so that the garden lights will create an atmosphere 
of magical romance!

Forget paper plates...
gather up old vintage, mismatched
china dinnerware and vintage silver.

Details my loves...
how sweet are these chic spring-like drinking straws
displayed in a glass jar! 
A perfect touch for cocktails at 6 PM......

I loved the idea of fresh flowers
added to floating candles....
can you imagine how beautiful these would be
scattered around a patio or deck?

Tiny bites before dinner....
light and oh so delicious and colorful......


Style the buffet pretty......
this offers a gorgeous display
bountiful food that guests can
easily assemble on a plate!

I love the idea of Italian baguettes
displayed in a serving tray..
men would love this one!

Rather than just plain lemonade,
add some lavender syrup and
fresh citrus...

And finally.....
a colorful fruit pizza for a sweet ending....
Wouldn't this be the most marvelous party ever!!!


  1. I'd love to throw or attend a party like this one! Great inspiration Betsy!

    I love it all!

  2. That is going to be a wonderful party. I love that dress. :):) I like the idea of outdoor parties....if there's no bugs or mosquitoes. :) Ted used to fog our yard for gatherings. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I want to come! Everything is so perfect; you are the Queen of Entertaining:-D

  4. Betsy, your party inspiration is just beautiful. What fun it would be to attend an affair such as this. ♥

  5. What a beautiful idea!

  6. I needed these moments of exquisite enchantment!
    thank you darling bean.
    each picture was more beautiful than the one before. I loved them all! xo

    1. I love being known as a darling bean....I'm keeping it! Warm hugs!

  7. If you can keep the skeeters away, I'd love a party like this. That dress...swoon. I want to see someone wear it! (Not I...hahahaha...too funny the thought.)

  8. Everything is so beautiful. So much attention being paid to the small details. I love that dress, too. -Jenn


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