April 2, 2017


On April 1st, 2017
our beautiful Mae Mobley turned seven!
She's THE most beautiful girl in the world....
according to the parents who adore her!

We had a really good and positive three month check up
at her Neurologist!
She has been totally seizure free for four months,
so we are going to try reducing her strength of Zonisamide
from 75 mg. down to 50 mg.
Prayers said and fingers crossed......

Easter decor is beginning to make an apperance here at home....

Did you happen to see these adorable bunny straws at Target?

Just a stunning afternoon here in the great state of 

 It has been SO long since I treated myself to an ice cold
how fun to add a touch of whimsy with the bunny straw.......

We so love our view of the greenbelt!

Sometimes, I feel like a queen
being able to enjoy a gorgeous afternoon
and read a good book...
thinking back on all those years behind a desk...
That's a gift in retirement years!

I baked a Buttermilk Pie for the darling.....

Speaking of the darling....
HE finished my favorite puzzle yet...all by himself!
This is just too pretty not to frame!

Everyone wanted to enjoy the outdoors on Saturday
since it was another beautiful spring day...
our infamous storms are going to be rolling through
starting in the early evening through Sunday.
We had many errands to run and the last stop
was to Market Street for Steaks, potatoes, fresh asparagus
and a gorgeous Strawberry Cake!

I love this time of year when spring plants arrive...
Market Street had THE most gorgeous coral hibiscus ever!
I must go back and pick up a few!

Bo was the first one to take a dip in the pool.....
I am going to note this...April 1st and
his first swim of the year!

It was a beautiful evening for cocktails poolside....

Bo got a new bowtie...."Bad to the Bone!"
Hope y'all had a great weekend too!
~Dapper Bo


  1. What a nice and colourful post. Lovely to see everything green. We are still under snow here. My darling Mae, what a special birthday this is for you and your biggest fans (me, included). Enjoy the beautiful day in Texas.

    1. Thank you so much Deb...Mae sends her appreciation and warm hugs for your spring days ahead...

    start to finish.
    just love your life!
    and to begin it with my favorite birthday girl in the sun ...
    and to end it with the adorable grin of skinny dippin' bad to the bone BO! LOLOL!
    be still my heart. XOXO♥
    and the new banner... love it also. i'm just a love bug today!

    1. Aw thank you Miss Tammy! I hope it added a bit of fun and interest to your day! As always...you are indeed a love bug and totally sweet! Warm hugs and enjoy your week!

  3. Happy Birthday to Miss Mae who, as far as I'm concerned, is one of the prettiest kitties...something about her coloring and the softness of her coat. We can really rejoice with you that the health scare is in the past and that Miis Mae is doing fabulously.

    This must be one of your favorite times in Texas when the weather is nearly perfect.

    1. Thank you SO much Vee for your sweet words....it's beautiful right now and I am grateful for the springtime! Hope you get some very, very soon...sunshine tomorow!!! Hugs and love from me to you!

  4. Happy "Purrthday" Ms Mae

    1. Oh Blanche...welcome to Estelle's and thank you for a lovely wish! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Beautiful there in Texas for sure. A buttermilk pie is a treat I have not had in ages, yours looks so darned good. I had to laugh at your last pic of Bo and being bad to the bone, he is adorable! So glad you are having good checks up with your beautiful Mae Mobley!
    Happy Sunday

    1. Hi Betsy! Thank you for visiting today! So happy you got a laugh and a smile! Mae thanks you also. Wishing you a great week!

  6. Aaawww Betsy - So happy to see Miss Mae doing so well! I so look forward to your posts! Yesterday was nice here in The Woodlands as well. Older grandson had a t-ball game in the morning, and celebrated younger grandson's 3rd birthday in the afternoon. He turned 3 on March 30. Looking forward to Easter here as well. Envy your retirement time! Enjoy! I will be 59 this summer and really looking forward to retirement and spending more time with my dog, daughters and grandsons. 💕

    1. Good Morning Connie! Thank you for stopping by and leaving sweet comments. So happy you are enjoyiing some spring weather! The Woodlands must be beautiful right now. A three year old at Easter is going to be so much fun! Lucky you! And...a birthday this summer...just a young gal! Warm hugs!

  7. Miss Mae! Happy Birthday! So happy to hear she has been seizure free!

    Enjoy your beautiful weather! What fun to sit outside! We had a beautiful day here finally! Spring is really here!

    1. Thank you for this Deanna....I so look forward to seeing signs of spring at your home! Have a lovely week!

  8. God bless sweet lil' Ms. Mae! So happy she's better!!!!

    1. Thank you so much dear Jennifer. We are still quite nervous to change her dosage but continuing to pray she stays well. Your thoughts are much appreciated..warm hugs! Enjoy your week!


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