February 20, 2017


This was BIG NEWS!
Jenn, our beautiful daughter-in-law
is a very talented Graphic Designer!
She was awarded tickets to the 
Doak Walker Awards Banquet on Saturday night
which was held at The Anatole in Dallas!
On Saturday, D'Onta Foreman, in his junior year at the University of Texas,
 was presented with the Doak Walker Award as the best running back in college football.
This is a HUGE event for college football
 and our own Jennyfer was the designer
of the show and banquet!
Now...how special is that?

The Divine Miss M is dreaming of new
Family Room furniture!
I think Piper will always consider herself
a lady of privilege by
curling up on the furniture with the best
throw underneath her...don't most pets do this very thing?

There is a new wine bar in the kitchen nook
which will soon have custom designed shelves
above and just waiting for new accessories.

This is a look we were both playing around with
while trying to gather ideas on the accessories.
I know she will pull together a beautiful design.

Piper is enjoying afternoons watching the golfers
drive by, while catching a few sun rays.....

Hey y'all...it's Girl Scout Cookie time....
did y'all get yours yet?
This year it's 5 boxes for $20.00!!

And, its time for our thoughts to turn toward
spring planting!

We purchased new bulbs and pots at Costco!

Just when I think I will never buy another throw or pillow....
along comes something I fall in love with!

This is Mae Mobley....just BEING Mae Mobley...
most beautiful girl in the world....
What's going on at your home today?


  1. I love your clean cat. :):) Her fur is smooth and pretty. Mae seems to be interested in helping plant some bulbs . I like the copper things you are considering using in decorating. So nice for Piper to enjoy the fresh air. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Susie...you are a dear heart! I am so thankful to have you as a blogging friend. Warm and loving hugs!

  2. talented and beautiful! what an honor to head that project!!!
    and i'm so glad you're a proud mother~in~love!
    i never tire of pictures of piper rose and mae mobley.
    to me... a sofa is not a sofa without a lovable dog on it.
    and kitties sleep everywhere. LOL!

    1. Tammy..you are an absolute love! I try to bring something of interest and a bright spot to someone's day....You are such a kind and thoughtful person...how wonderful that is in my life! Hugs and blessings!

  3. Miss Mae is looking very well. She has the most beautiful coat. Bulbs, eh? OK, I will not be too jealous. Congrats to your daughter-in-law! That is very cool.

  4. Mae is a mess!!! Love her and hope she is doing well!!! I love the new throw!!!! It is an addiction hu? I have way too many! LOL!


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