February 21, 2017


It's a good sunny day in the Great State of Texas!
Our high today is going to be 74 degrees....
How great is that during the month of February!

Mae Mo' heard a dove cooing outside.
How I love that sound in the early morning......

How wonderful it is when your thoughts turn to Spring....
I discovered the Hyacinth coming up which will
always and forever remind me of Mother's Hyacinth's
she planted in Jackson.
I believe this is a sign from Mother in heaven...
she is always with me....every single day.

It's nice to linger over breakfast a bit
and just be still and quiet....
thankful for one more day.

Our girl......
enjoying some fresh air with the window open
listening to the morning birds chatter.

I plan on using my new Pressure Cooker
this week.
It's been years since I had a pressure cooker....
my first one was from Sears's and we
received it as wedding gift...
I guess that was over 45 years ago.
They are now like a mini computer
so there is nothing like a Sunday Pot Roast 
prepared Pressure Cooker Style!

I also treated myself to some new bakeware from Rachel Ray...
I love her products!

The spring magazines are full of
pastels and ideas for vacations, decorating
and warm weather foods!
Doesn't this just lift your spirits
to dream about the colors of springtime?

Who is planning their Easter dinner?
I make an Easter Basket every year....
I think I need some retail therapy to gather all the goodies...
now where did I put the recipe for the
Best Carrot Cakes ever?

Be still my heart....
Luke loved his Valentine buddy....
there will not be many more years when
a "baby" will be wanted....so I treasure this time in his life.

Miss M sent me this picture of her shopping trip to Costco....
She asked, "Does this look terrible?"
No my darlng....we are kindred spirits!
Laugh and the world laughs with you!


  1. Her shopping basket made me laugh. She's not combining them I hope! Your post is like spring itself...good cheer...bright colors...a boy and his buddy...all good and lovely...

    1. Hi Vee! Are you still buried in snow! Bless your heart! I know you must be so looking forward to some warm sunshine and a beautiful Maine spring! Enjoy your week love!

  2. Cracked up on the Costco cart! Absolutely no judgment here! LOL!!! Could not live without my pressure cooker!!!! Makes the most tender beef in about 15 minutes! Amazing and a must have for working moms!!!

    Blessings friends!

    1. Oh how great to know that you also use a pressure cooker Jenn. They are marvelous these days! I may convince the boys to get one too! Hope you are enjoying a good week! Hugs!

  3. and now I'm all about your sweet daughter's nail polish color!!! Have an appt tomorrow and she's just talked me into a light pale pink!!! (without her even talking to me!!)
    May have to hit the wine shop too!!!!

    1. She will love that compliment Janey! Looks like y'all had a marvelous gathering last weekend. Love that! Thanks for visiting today! Big hugs!

  4. So sweet Mae looking out the window for birds. :):) I truly love the quiet of mornings. The new cookware looks fabulous. I sure could use some...oh I forgot, I don't like cooking so much anymore. LOL. Your daughter's cart made me smile. I am going to get a new great grandson in May and his name will be Luke Benjamin.:):) Your Luke is precious. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Luke Benjamin! How I love that Susie. What a true blessing in life to have a darling new great grandbaby! Congratulations! Have a lovely week!

  5. I remember my adorable little yankee mother trying to please my texan dad... by making 'beans and cornbread.'
    I was very young and home from school. she was also very young I realize now! :)
    growing up back east ... she had never even seen pinto beans before but she knew he loved them.
    she used the old fashioned pressure cooker. this was the first kind they made. it came over on the mayflower. it looked like a miniature boiler like you might see in the bowels of a dam. only this one had a wooden handle. and it sounded like one too. like a boiler I mean. not a handle.
    I don't know what handles sound like.
    rather alarming sounds and hissing and steamy sounds as I recall.
    daddy was on duty while the beans cooked away.
    it was to be a surprise when he came home. sssst ... sssst... ssst... PSSSHEW!!! sssst... sss
    is it getting louder? is it growing alarmingly louder now? we never got to the answer.
    a huge explosion of beans and juice all over the ceiling. the walls the window. US.
    the lid landed in the sink... cracking the porcelain... there wasn't a surface that wasn't dripping with a bean and delicious juice. she looked at me. I couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying. it turns out she was laughing.
    my little yankee mother would have loved to help your daughter uncork one of those costco bottles!
    sorry for such an overlong comment. it just brought back a favorite memory! I miss her to this very day. she was a cross between Saint Bernadette and Auntie Mame.

    1. LOL...big time! What a memory and what an experience this must have been Tammy! I am so glad you shred that! I remember being fearful of the old cookers too but mine never exploded! How I love your description of your Mother....perfection! I would have loved her!

  6. My Dallas daughter calls me every morning on her way to work with a weather report and I am so JEALOUS! Miss M's cart could be mine any day of the week. Have a wonderful week, Betsy.

  7. I have received 2 pressure cookers in my life but have never used them, I am afraid of them. I have heard too many explosive stories.

    Love the photo of the shopping cart!

  8. We have lovely Spring weather here too and I'm so glad to be back from the UK where the temperatures were still in the upper 40s...and gray. I showed them photos of my daffodils and they were so jealous. Your photos just shout spring; thank you for sharing, my friend, XOXO


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