January 16, 2017


Great weekend....Great weekend!
What a fabulous way to celebrate
Cheer's Y'all!
Spicy Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's!

Frisco is a booming area here in Texas!
We discovered yet another bistro which is
now a family favorite!

This is how we roll....
a dozen fresh gulf oysters!
Add fresh lemon.....horseradish, Tabasco

Love the decor of this restaurant..
it has just the right touch of New Orleans elegance
I am always impressed with black linen and chandeliers!
The wait staff was articulate, knowledgeable, attentive and looked sharp
in matching attire!
Also, it was a quiet atmosphere.....cannot wait
to return for date night!

The menu was just lovely and there were SO many
entree's I wanted to try....
but since I am working on my "beach body"
I selected this fresh, amazing salad!

Greg gave me a taste of these divine Gouda Grits!!!
Oh heavenly days......

The darling also let me try some of his Shrimp Po'Boy...
they got the bread just right!
If you have ever had a true New Orleans Po'Boy,
you know what I'm talking about!

This is going to a hot spot in the spring....
Saturday however,  was a cold, rainy and foggy day here in Texas!

Next time, we are not going to pass up the 
Bread Pudding...but we wanted to try
the cupcake cafe right next door!

Oh baby, baby......

Yep.....we selected
Red Velvet, Peanut Butter,
German Chocolate and the Great Divide!

BoBo was allowed back at our house
since we wanted to ensure Mae Mobley
was doing well...
it went great!
He has settled alot and they did not have one time 
of needing an intervention!
She did spend most of her time in our bedroom
he was very well behaved!

Sunday morning was meant for a good breakfast!
Homemade Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins!

Add some fluffy scrambled eggs and you're good to go!

Yes, Mae...you have the run of the house once again!

They are addicting....
Greg and Jenn helped the darling finish the puzzle
I just have to frame it!!!
It makes me happy just looking at it!

Next up....
I think we have a theme going on here!

Are you looking forward to The Inauguration festivities this Friday?
I most certainly am!!!
And listen....see the words above?
Hope, kindness and embracing a new President and First Family
can be a wonderful thing for OUR United States of America!

May God bless them all
for keeping America strong and safe! 


  1. What a lovely post! Your photos are so good I feel like I'm there! That food! Oh, my!
    I'm still working on a puzzle from two years ago! Hope to finish it this month!
    Wild and crazy weather last night, huh?

    1. My lord Linda....I thought it was a tornado with those high winds! Incredible, but don't you love sleeping to the sound of a thunderstorm? Have a great week love!

  2. Love the pics...except the oysters.LOL. I love to smell them in dressing, but I can never eat one. The way you described eating them is how my dad would. What wonderful puzzles. So glad the pets are well. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. LOL..I know Susie! I remember Mother always making Daddy Oyster dressing at Thanksgiving...smelled amazing! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Amen and Amen, Betsy. It is OUR America, and someone needs to keep it safe again. I would love to see a united country again; I'm sick of all this disrespect because we didn't elect a criminal to be our next president.

    Is that a darling Susan Branch calendar I see? I just love her! The NOLA Grille looks delightful -- thanks for sharing. :) Have a great day!

    Hugs XX,

    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Indeed it is Susan's calender Denise! I adore her! Yes, I am very excited for our new administration! Big time! I choose peace and kind words for anyone taking the Oval office! Have a terrific week love!

  4. Betsy you and your family always go to the best places. NOLA Grill looks wonderful. Those shrimp and grits are calling me! Your puzzle is beautiful as well as the one up next. Charles Wysocki art is so Americana. I think Mae may be pondering when Bo Bo will return---such a thoughtful pose. Enjoy your week. ♥

    1. Yes Martha Ellen...very Americana...and reminds me so much of Maine. Our home for a bit! Mae is doing so well and for that I am grateful! I hope to see more of your doll collection...very interested in that! Have a terrific week love!

  5. Your trip sounded wonderful and would certainly entice my hubby. Me, however, I'm a vegetarian and have never liked seafood, even as good as my mother made it. However, those cupcakes look divine, but do try the bread pudding next time you go. A simple dessert, but so comforting.

  6. LOL..not really a trip Susan..just nearby....and yes, it's wonderful discovering new places thanks to our son and DIL. They keep us youthful! Yep...I will not pass up the bread pudding next time! I make a pretty good one...it will add five pounds to you in one sitting! Thanks for visiting today! Hugs!

  7. The puzzles are both lovely and New Englandish. Glad that the pets got along and that Mae remained incident free. Friday will be the highlight of my week. I was already invited out and declined. Can't miss the day and am expecting good things to happen quickly. Indeed, as they already have been.

    1. They remind me so much of Maine Vee. Probably why I love them so! Thanks so much for stopping by today! Hope you have a fabulous week!

  8. wow. that's the cutest son and daughter~in~love celebrating there!
    AND yummy beautiful pictures of food. nobody takes them like you do.
    but don't you love that name! nola.
    and charles wysocki. . . ALWAYS a favorite.

    so glad little bo can come back now. he might instinctively 'know' that our miss mae is fragile now. sometimes they do know. and he promises to be a gentleman!
    and the picture of mae with crystals and light... pure cat meditation.
    nothing is more calming or beautiful. xoxo♥

    1. Just love you Tammy! I love your visits and comments..they make my day! Blessings and hugs for a wonderful week!

  9. I am glad to see a lil NOLA in your neck of the woods.... Those grits look deeeeeelicious.

    1. Believe me Ron..pretty, pretty good! Have a great week and thank you for visiting today!

  10. I am leaving here feeling like I need to go on a diet and all I did was eat with my eyes. Everything looked scrumptious...except YOU two---you looked just plain cute as buttons!
    Hope you have a great week...oh...that bread pudding that you DIDN'T have is calling my name. xo Diana

    1. How sweet Diana...my son and DIL thank you! They are a pretty cute couple! Wishing you a lovely week!

  11. Dear Estelle, how delish your eggs look! I'm embarrassed to say I don't cook eggs well, so seldom do I make them. would you mind sending me your recipe-I'll practice till I get them right! LOl...your blueberry muffins also look good, but I still use your daughter's blueberry muffin recipe, the one where she adds real blueberries to the recipe, you posted that recipe awhile back, it's my go to recipe when I want those kind of muffins! anyway thanks for sharing your site, and great recipes with us

    1. Hi Dolores! I love your name..just love it! You are so very sweet and kind in your comments. So happy to hear you found a recipe you love over and over! I simmply start with a pat of butter in a warm skillet, add a little milk, eggs, a slice of american cheese and salt and pepper to taste. I believe they turn out light and fluffy when cooking them on low to medium heat and stir gently with a rubber spatula! Voila! Great scrambled eggs! Enjoy!


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