January 7, 2017


Truer words were never spoken......

Yes, my darlings....our first snow day of 2017 arrived
in the morning on January 6th!
You see it don't you?
Put your glasses on...look closely......
a dear friend of ours put their photo on FB.....

This is how we Texans take pictures of snow.....
we open the back door...quickly...
snap a picture of the pool from inside
slam the door shut!
Another friend was whooping it up on her snow day!

Yep....every single one of us have pretty much the same photo.....

But....HERE is the difference between the North and the South....
Southerners get frantic when they see a snowflake....
The reason is we get ICE...not much snow usually
but the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is massive
with interstates crisscrossing everywhere 
and "mixmasters" icing over bridges and overpasses.
This is the mess of traffic created during cold weather days!

Hey...I see over in Atlanta the sleet and snow had moved
their way......
Miss M snapped a photo of their deck.....
love those little lights....

So, there was an early morning sledding event
going on....
Piper was right in the middle of it!
Grab a piece of cardboard and have your
Daddy tie a rope and your good to go!
Now hey.....I told y'all not to laugh......

Dogs love snow...
courtesy of Country Side Pet Estates!

Mae Mobley on the other hand,
prefers to wrap up in a new blanket
and keep her tosies warm!
You can see where her little leg was shaved
for an IV...poor precious!
She is doing well....thank you for your prayers!
Y'all stay warm!

P.S....You didn't laugh did you?
Well, that's OK....I would have too! 


  1. Betsy, I am just like Mae...I want to stay in and be warm. I love the Raphie shot. That as good a sled as a boy will need in Atlanta. Love it. The weather is going crazy. I am hoping for drier conditions. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. No, but I am smiling. Glad that you enjoyed a brrrrisk day. Dogs really do love snow...love to watch them romp in it. Someone seems to be enjoying his state of the art cardboard sled! What fun...

  3. Hi Betsy! Yes, I squinted and then I could see your snow! ;) Just teasing! Seems the south right now is getting more snow than we are. It's snowing all around us but not here. We've already had some nice snow but would love to have some more. Stay warm and Mae Mobley has the right idea.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Oh- That is too little for us to even consider a 'dusting' here. lol I'd say we have about a foot on the ground as a base and that will be added to over the winter. I won't see green until well into April. Our high today was somewhere below ZERO....and tomorrow is not going to be much better. This time of year I wish I lived in the south. Love the kitty cuddled up! xo Diana

  5. You southern people don't know what snow is. We got a little here in Pennsylvania. Only 6 inches. 21 years ago today we had 31 inches. I'm sorry, I didn't laugh but I did smile.

  6. We're the same here in VA Betsy. Love your little snowman. We have about 3-4 inches of snow and very cold temps. Sitting by the fire with cups of tea have been the order of the day. Stay warm. ♥

  7. Oh Betsy, I DID laugh. :-D This is so cute, and so true! You forgot to mention how we all jump in the car and head to the grocery store where we're wrestling with each other over the last loaf of bread and carton of milk. ;)

    Thanks for sharing these fun pictures; Ralphie is my favorite Christmas movie. Mae looks so sweet and cozy -- I'm really glad she's doing better. Take care and stay warm!!

    Hugs XX,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. I don't like ice - its bad for driving whether you are used to snow or not - ice is not fun!

    Luke and Piper are having a great time!

  9. I can't believe I missed the whole 'snow event!' We are down by Waco and did not get a single flake!


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