January 8, 2017


Winter is actually quite beautiful isn't it?
Our friend shared her beautiful photo up in Pennsylvania
this morning....stunning!
Winter holds such quiet beauty.....

Miss Piper Rose has been beside herself
wanting to frolic in this little bit of snow....
She watches the children sledding,
then finally is allowed to go out
and participate in their snow day fun!

Doesn't this take you back to when you were a kid
and could play outside all day long.....
Miss M snapped this great shot
of Olivia, Aubrey and Caden sledding on the golf course!

Piper made up this game of "sled grabbing" all by herself....

It was a constant race of who could reach the bottom of the hill first!
Just adorable!

Meanwhile, in Dallas.....the sun is shining
and things are beginning to warm up a bit!

Winter mornings are perfect for crispy bacon and buttermilk pancakes!

I love the fireside, don't you?
January has proven to be anything but boring! 


  1. They look like they're having so much fun (especially the dog!). Oh my, those pancakes look good. I wish there was a "smell" app! -Jenn

  2. I was going to make Buttermilk waffles, but I'm pooped from baking Babka yesterday (LOL!). We got 2 inches, but it might as well be 2 feet because we're not getting out of our driveway until it melts on Wednesday, XOXO

  3. Oh the smiles on the children's faces...you can tell they are having a wonderful time. I love it. That poor Piper having to watch from inside was torture for her. :):) Your winter breakfast looks so yummy. Blessings for a beautiful Sunday. xoxo, Susie

  4. It's fun to stay inside for a day...or two because of the weather. It's been windy and only in the 50s here today so we stayed home to relax! Hugs, Diane

  5. What a sweet face Miss Mae has and that is the perfect caption for it. The children do know how to have fun in the cold. It makes me happy that they have had the opportunity.

  6. there is nothing sweeter than a frolicking puppy in the snow with children!
    and that picture of piper rose watching so intently from the window tugged at my heart.
    we are expecting temps in the low 70's this week and by the weekend ... snow and an ice storm.
    and yes! january is anything but boring. I love it! XO♥


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