January 6, 2017


I think next Christmas,
I am going to change things up a bit....
are you in love with McKenzie Childs?
So expensive...but....
they still have their after holiday sale going on!!
Pick up these beautiful items while you can....

Oh my gosh...I am totally in love with this lantern!

What a lovely birthday gift this would make!

I just WISH I had this much talent to create
such a gorgeous garland!

Oh Santa Baby...you are

Just am in love with this.....
are you already planning and dreaming.....
going to snow today.....
I know...call me crazy, but it's good to always look ahead, right?


  1. I've actually visited their store in Manhattan with my daughters! Love the detail and whimsy. That black & white checkerboard pattern is a classic and looks great on your mantel. XOXO

  2. MC is positively my favorite. I can't get enough of it. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love it all...I would want that little truck so much. BJ , over at Sweet Nothings would love all this also. I like seeing the pictures you post on your header. Blessings, stay warm, xoxo, Susie

  4. I love MC with all my heart...but I am sick of Christmas things right now...we are having our first snow today...cold...brrr

  5. Oh my goodness, Betsy. I must go to her sale! I love the lantern as well and everything else black and white! So classy! Build a snowman for us. We didn't get any last evening, but maybe tonight. ♥

  6. it reminds me of mary englebreit's art. the black and white checks especially. I love the folk lore look of it. very cozy and yet sophisticated. a perfect mix of patterns... and the cheery RED!
    I awoke this morning to 4 inches of fluffy beautiful SNOW!!! YAY!
    the stairs to my apartment are snow covered and I dare not try them just yet... though I would love to. I sometimes forget I'm 71 now. LOL!
    but I just hope the little birds find people who put out food for them. I always did before I moved here. they will need it! xo

  7. To me, it says that you love the season and are not quite ready to stop thinking about it. Me neither! My aunt loves McKenzie Childs. It's too pricey for me, but I do love that kettle!

  8. I'm not really big on the black and white, but I do love that little pillow!! -Jenn

  9. Oh- Don't you love it? Do you get their catalog? It is as good as any magazine I ever get! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I love that you are already planning your Christmas for next year. xo Diana

  10. I have a friend who LOVES McKenzie Childs. I just heard of her in the last few months. Her things are beautiful but I could never afford them, even on sale. Except for the paper napkins. I especially love that teapot! I'd love to get that for my sister.

  11. It's always good to plan ahead!!!

  12. I enjoy MacKenzie Childs items but yes they are pricey! I have the Noel pillow which I got on sale last year along with two table coverings. The quality is top notch. I usually go to find something after Christmas that I had my eye on but it's already sold out. I tried not to look this year but you've sparked my curiosity again!

  13. I just received the Mckenzie Childs cake cover today for my birthday!!!! she gives me a piece every year...man, oh man....I really want that xmas car with tree....heehee!!

  14. That kettle is charming! My good friend just loves black and white check, I bet she'd adore these things!


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