December 15, 2016


Let's talk ......
The Christmas Sweater!
Do you wear them?
I most certainly do!
Whatever your style,
take out those holiday sweaters
and make your own fashion statement!
Here's a few I love for the holidays!

Winter White and grays!

Classic shade of holiday red! 

Herringbone with an embellished collar!

Champagne sparkle
with a peek-a-boo back!

Embellished winter white!

Golden sparkle Mohair!

The softest shade of pink
with rose gold accents!

Gray with rose gold!

Yes my darling....
Channel would approve!


  1. Betsy, I love the sweater with the tie in the back. I love sweaters (Cardigans) so I can slip them off if I get too warm. :):) The first time I saw my daughter's terriers wearing clothes I lost it. She said they really do not like them. That is even funnier...I am surprised they haven't chewed them to bits. But I can see where little doggies need more warmth. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. While I do have sweaters, I have no dressy sweaters and none specifically for Christmas. Perhaps I should go shopping and surprise my family. Oh dear, more for me. I shouldn't.

  3. oh my.
    you never disappoint.
    and to top it all off with doggy love in a red sweater! :D yes. ♥

  4. Those pretty sweaters are much more preferable to the "ugly Christmas sweater"! I think I like the first one the best. -Jenn

  5. Betsy, I love sweaters. In winter they are so cozy. You have featured some real beauties! I was heartbroken the other day when I took my favorite cashmere sweater out of its cloth bag--it had small tiny holes in it. I've had it for a hundred years, but I still loved it! I think I'll go out and by that beautiful white mohair sweater! Have a wonderful evening. ♥

  6. I love them ALL, Betsy. Right down to the dogneck sweater--because it certainly can't be a TURTLEneck if is on a DOG, right? I do love a dressy sweater and there are several here that I would wear. xo Diana

  7. Those are beautiful sweaters. I love a nice warm sweater on a cold day. So snuggly and warm. I'll take one of each, please. Except for the last one. It's a little small for me.

  8. I never used to like sweaters because I was always warm. Now I tend to feel colder and have several cardigans but not really any dressy sweaters. These are all so pretty!

  9. Love all the sweaters but especially the last one. As Mom to 3 dachshunds that one holds a special place in my heart!!

  10. I'd wear those (well except the last one...it would be a bit small ha). All very classy.


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