December 14, 2016


It's just a fun thing to do!
Making a Hot Cocoa Bar for the holidays!
Who doesn't love a hot mug of liquid chocolate
during a cold Winter's night?

I simply fell in love with Target's Plaid Threshold collection
from last year!
I know this carafe also came in a gray plaid which would be
a lovely addition to my little collection.
The tiny little nutcracker came
 from the dollar isle at Michael's!

 How adorable are these little glass jars?
Perfect for holding mini marshmallows, 
white chocolate chips and dark chocolate chips!
Again.....a find on Target's dollar isle!
I just added some fun peppermint stickers on the tops!
The cute napkins feature "Henry, the Fat Cat!"

Is this not THE cutest little Hot Cocoa tin?

More fun with stickers......

Now, it's time to mix up a mug
of this deliciousness...
maybe a touch of Bailey's would be nice!

Two heaping tablespoons into a six ounces of milk...
add some chips.....freshly whipped cream.....

Now.....say ahhhhhhh.....


  1. I am not a huge fan of hot chocolate..once was. But oh boy your concoction sounds great. I love all the plaids and napkins and just all of it. My granddaughter Emma likes to have a cocoa bar at holidays. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. prayers for Mae.

  2. Thanks Betsy for giving me another reason to move back to Texas so I can move next door to you. I love hot chocolate. Have a great week!

  3. How perfectly wonderful! Have you heard about the cold weather coming? Temps falling 50 degrees Saturday night?
    Your Cocoa Bar will be the perfect ticket for Sunday morning!
    My Amber is a huge fan of Target! She shops the ne in Plano. You may see her there someday. She will be the one pushing one of their shopping buggies that holds FOUR children AND features the full size cart on the end for groceries. She has it down pat, this shopping with four four-year-olds! First stop is for popcorn which they kind
    Y give her extra bags for dividing iit up. Next is the Starbucks there to get water or two teas - again with extra cups to divide it up! Then thanks to Target's free wifi, she doles out her iPhone and iPad for entertainment. The bathrooms are large enough to wheel her cart in for potty breaks. Plus, they have a clinic in their pharmacy and when Trystan had a seizure last year, they were quick to come to her aid. Put all this together and then add the Cartwheel app and you can see why Target is Amber's Bedt Friend!

  4. So cute! I love your hot chocolate station! Love the tin of cocoa! Where may I ask did you purchase it?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! THank you for stopping by today! I found the cute little cocoa tin at Wal Mart! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. I am in love with Target's plaid collection too. But I only found it this year so don't have the pretty things you got last winter. I have the plaid appetizer plates though, and love them. I use them a lot.

    I am crazy about hot chocolate and have it a couple of times a week. I would be standing at your cocoa bar every day for a mugful.

    1. Hey Kathy! Yes....those little appetizer plates come in quite handy! I would love to have you visit and enjoy some hot chocolate on this cold winter's day! Have a beautiful day!

  6. We HAVE to have hot chocolate once a winter... I usually get Swiss Miss and put a dollop of marshmallow whip on top...yum! Hugs! deb

  7. I love hot chocolate Betsy! How fun and festive your collection is. I especially like the cute kitty napkins. Everything looks so inviting. Now I want to go fix a cup of hot chocolate! Enjoy your afternoon. ♥

  8. I have only one question.
    other than the fact that it would ruin your lovely life...
    why do you not have your own TV show?
    YES. you are that good and even BETTER than anything going.
    well... you and the barefoot contessa both. but you even surpass her I think.
    she does mostly food. and you personify the simply 'just beautiful~living!' aspect of it all.
    happy egg and nog dearest bean!

  9. Estelle, I don't even care for hot chocolate. Baileys, YES Ma'am!, hot chocolate...not so much. HA! But I loved this post of yours. Everything is just lovely. I think those adorable napkins are my favorite. So cute!

    Happy cocoa sipping to you!

  10. It's getting cold here--cocoa sounds perfect!

  11. Oh my, yes. So festive, so pretty, so cheering.


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