March 19, 2020


Y'all are going to love this cake....
it has just three ingredients and is only considered
One Point on Weight Watchers!

One Lemon Cake Mix
One Greek Yogurt container of Lemon Yogurt
One cup of water

Mix together and pour into prepared baking pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes!

It also smells heavenly while baking......

I served this with frozen berry blend and Cool Whip!

We are doing our part.....

Washing our hands constantly......
I am going to make our own sanitzer and will
share a post on how I do this....

On my last trip to Bath and Body,
I picked up this little guy who I carry 
in my purse to hold hand sanitizers....

Everyone in our family is now working from home....
except our youngest in Austin who is required
to visit many public places daily.....I worry about him.....

I have been making healthy almond milk berry smoothies
in the mornings....full of good antioxidants!!

HELLO FRESH is delivered once a week...
this has been a lifesaver since the stores have been
so chaotic with panicked shoppers....
which overwhelms the entire supply change including their employees!

All the grandchildren are out of school....

on campus classes will not return for the remainder of the school year...
all classes are online to finish this years study plan....

Y'all enjoy the cake....stay safe.....stay home and 
be considerate of others....

please don't "panic buy" at the grocery store....
please do not go out if you don't need to....

please don't order non essential items on line right now....
how thankful I am for delivery services!

Be blessed and be kind


  1. Thank you for that cake recipe, I have to try it, All the same shutdowns going on here in Kentucky, Take care.

    1. It's great...hope you enjoy..take good care and be careful!

  2. I love lemon cake and this sounds really good! I think I would add a lemon or vanilla glaze to it. I am feeling pretty good today so I think I will try to clean the bathroom. I wanted to start my Spring cleaning and this seems like the perfect time.

    1. I have been deep cleaning everything Kathy...hope you enjoy the cake recipe!

  3. Amen to all that! Thank you for the recipe. 🌷

    1. You know parents generation did not panic when dealing with the war and the depression....everyone pulled together in time of need....please stay safe and well!

  4. I have always loved the phrase that an entire generation of English shared during the war...
    Keep Calm and Carry On. a wonderful battle cry for any scary situation!
    our state is following the same program in place... regarding all schools and restaurants.. businesses etc.
    and the thought of lemon cake (one of my favorites!) with cool whip and fresh fruit! OH YUM!
    and I'm glad the dalmation is guarding our precious Miss Mae. XO stay well darling bean!

    1. Sending you well wishes and warm hugs sweet soul...hope you try the cake recipe and enjoy it...Happy First day of's a wild ride right now in our entire world...the good lord will carry us through...Mae sends love too!

  5. geeeeeeze, I wish I had a piece of that cake right now!!!! If only I had some yogurt here...and I don't dare go to a store. We are self quarantined here. I have not been anywhere in over 8 days. yuk. But we have a son with heart history and a daughter in law with auto immune problems. They CANNOT be exposed. So our family is quarantined in 3 different areas of our property.....and I can't see any of them....even my grandbabies....
    I pray every hour for our world.
    Stay safe.. enjoy that cake!!

  6. I need to try this cake. When you say 1 container of the lemon meringue yogourt, how much ml would that be? Thanks


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