November 6, 2016


Hello Loves!
This is Saturday afternoon
on Main Street in charming
Grapevine, Texas!
Y'all come shopping with us!

Greg chose a YUM-O deli
Weinsberger Deli!
Oh my, my......
Me, the darling and Greg..in order of appearance!

This is the way Texans
advertise their political propositions!
Pretty inventive huh?

These net wreaths are SO popular right now...
just over the top aren't they?

There are so many fun shops on Main Street!

Great window shopping!

I just love this time of year...
with pumpkins, scarecrows and wheat sheaths....
the town was alive with shoppers!

Loved this store..
lots of fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, coffees and dairy!


Main street also has beautiful historical architecture.

They have decorated every nook and cranny!
The train whistle was blowing
the church bells were ringing!

Whoa baby....
I never pass up Christmas shopping....never!

We have been here many times for Grapefest
wine tasting!

The Pie Shop...
I cannot believe I passed up those big gorgeous fried pies!

Aren't these just beautiful!

Back at the farm store.....

I could spend hours in here.

My all time favorite store is
Good Things For All Seasons!

This shop owner is a darling 
who offers free wine while you shop!

What a delightful afternoon!
Lunch with two of my favorite guys,
a glass of wine and Christmas shopping!
Glad y'all stopped by to join us!
If you have never been....
be sure to put Grapevine, Texas on your bucket list!


  1. That is a very pretty town! I can't believe they give you wine while you are shopping. (I'll bet that increases sales!) Oh, and that pie shop... so many choices. Thanks for bringing us along! -Jenn

  2. That is a beautiful town. I loved seeing all the wonderful shops. Christmas is so near . Oh boy those pies ! Glad you had a fun day out with your fellows. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Now that's a charming town! I love visiting places like Grapevine. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday, Betsy. ♥

  4. I've always heard about how fun it is there. Maybe we should have a gathering of the Dallas area bloggers there. Wouldn't that be fun?

  5. And here I thought Waco was the place to visit! Looks like a charming town and all decked out for shoppers' delight. It does not surprise me that you don't turn down Christmas shopping. (I, on the other hand, but let's not focus on Scrooge.)

  6. Having trouble with commenting, but I was here and enjoyed the post.

  7. I've been a Texan all my loooong life and never have been to Grapevine...sure looks like we have to make a trip there...SOON...

  8. Love Love Love shopping on main street in Grapevine! Great girlfriend trip...we like to stay at the Gaylord and spend a whole day at their wonderful spa...then spend a day walking thru Main Street. Makes for a lovely getaway!!

  9. ps....made your orange cranberry rolls over weekend. BIG hit with young and old alike! thanks for the idea!

  10. I am so happy they liked that! I really appreciate you telling me! Big hugs!

  11. I didn't know you were that close to me!! I'm in Euless, across the street is Colleyville, down one other street is Bedford and in the other direction Grapevine. :) Perhaps I can find you and the incredible food you serve! Lol

    If you ever feel like meeting for coffee or wine, let me know! Main Street is so much fun isn't it?


    1. Hey Pat. We are really not that close. It's a halfway meeting point when we meet some of our children. We often meet in Grapevine for dinner or shopping. However, that would be lovely to meet and have coffee at that pie shop! I adore Grapevine..have been to Grapefest many times! Have a lovely week Miss Pat! Hugs!


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