August 31, 2016


Let's drop in on Atlanta 
see what the Divine Miss M has been up to!
Luke is loving second grade!
His room has been transitioning into
a "big boy" bedroom over the past year.
It was time to get serious about creating his own work space
which meant a new desk, chair and accessories!
I love what they created and Luke does too!

I cannot wait to visit and see him sitting here doing homework!
I simply cannot believe how fast everyone is growing up!

Time to move up the ranks in Cub Scouts
a new season of baseball has started!
Pack meetings and Friday night baseball games......

Miss M has a new work space also,
 which was relocated to the Master Bedroom from downstairs.
 Of course, Piper is always by her side or shall we say
"under foot!"

Miss M has a very full social life and I love that she does!
The other morning, she was treated to a beautiful morning brunch hosted by one of her
sweet neighbors! She said it was a gorgeous bounty of breakfast foods and mimosa's...
she was so full the entire day that she skipped lunch and dinner!

Ahhh...the joys of Motherhood....
when a "Calgon Moment"
is calling your name
you just need to unwind from all the stress of the day...
a hot bubble bath is just the answer!
Looks like Piper Rose wants to join in.....
You know how it feels...
there is never alone time......
even in the bathroom!

Now, THIS is probably a look into reality.....
a nap is a luxury...
again....no alone time.
Miss M is in here somewhere....
oy vey!

Monday marked the first day of school here in Texas.
It simply amazes me how much the kiddos have changed over the past few years!
A junior and ninth grade year begins!
Football season is soon to begin.....
cannot wait for Friday Night Lights!

Miss Abbie is striving to attain a volleyball scholarship...
let's hope she continues along her path and succeeds!
She is pretty inside and out!

While we LOVED having our youngest visit for about four days,
he was able to meet up with long time friends
for dinner and a concert!
These three have been good buddies since kindergarten!
They are soon on their way to Colorado to
celebrate Rob's 30th birthday!

I love when I receive a morning pet photo
saying "Good Morning Maine Grandma....."
Hey Bobo!!!!

A touch of fall whimsy is now on the breakfast table.......

Now...this is a promise of fall coming....
my snowy white vanilla hydrangea
is beginning to turn into.....

the beautiful soft shades of strawberry pink...
soon, the base will be a vibrant shade of deep strawberry!

I think Mae has enjoyed this box
more than she has ever enjoyed her beds.....
she does make the most gorgeous centerpiece, doesn't she?

What's going on in your world today?


  1. Miss Mae is a beautiful cat! And those looks she gives you...ahhhhh! So good that Luke is enjoying his schoolyear and has such a grown-up place to study. The grands are growing up! Do you have three or am I missing some?

    1. Yes you are so right Vee. Just three grandchildren! We are beyond blessed to have them too! You can understand just how much love you can feel for grandchildren right? I meant to tell you how much I love that photo of you and John....it just captured the love story!

  2. What a beautiful Miss Mae...bet she is as sweet as she looks, too.
    All 10 of our grands but one are either entering college this year, have already graduated, have married and two have become parents...our youngest, Deeds, is a Freshman in high school this year and, I declare, I have no idea where the time went...
    You have mighty fine looking grands...

  3. Today was a busy running around kind of day, but I have been enjoying getting the blog looking like fall! I love visiting your blog, Betsy! It's warm and welcoming!

  4. I love hydrangeas in their fall colors! Have you ever dried them and used them indoors, they are lovely that way!
    You have a lovely blog!

  5. It's nice you get updates on the grands, Betsy. Our grands begin school next week and today they went to the beach for one last time before classes begin. Your photos of Miss Mae are so cute. A cardboard box can make a child or a kitty happy! ♥

  6. Love the photos. You have such a good looking family. And who doesn't love a cat in the box...I love to watch cats play with paper bags too. Scouting is a wonderful thing for young people. Your grandson will learn things that will help him in life. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

  7. Had to come tell you...I made your custard pie and boy oh boy...did I ever mess it up!!! I think I over cooked it because it looks ok, altho a little flat, but its just not creamy at all. hahahahaha....oh well, will be trying again this weekend!!

  8. I want Mae! Hahahahah! She IS a beauty! Love!!!


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