September 4, 2016


I married the darling in November.
The year was 1972.
Our wedding colors were shades of Blush and Bashful...
always my favorites!
I would select the colors of autumn...
deep pumpkin, olive green and eggplant.....
those colors would be just gorgeous for a fall wedding!

The Divine Miss M is coming for a visit...
just by herself!
We cannot even remember when the last time was that
we got to enjoy her without our adorable Luke
handsome Jay.
It is a huge treat to us!
As a parent, we treasure "alone time"
with each of our four children!

To welcome her home....
I transitioned the farmhouse table from summer
into just a touch of fall!

I just loved the color and size
of these new placemats from
The Better Homes and Garden collection.
I knew when I found them, that these were just
the colors I would like to use for September!

This is not an elaborate setting...just easy,,,,,,

Don't you just LOVE using new coffee mugs
in the morning that can reflect the seasons?
I bought these a few years ago at Costco
and they are absolutely darling with the new placemats!

 I have wanted a set of
The Pioneer Woman's goblets for some time!
I simply adore these glasses.....
they are going to be perfect for the new
Christmas dinnerware set too!

I think everyone so appreciates someone
showing they make a little special effort
when welcoming you to their home!
Miss M always has fresh flowers to greet us!

I cannot tell you how excited we are!
I would love to hear how YOU are
revealing fall in your home!


  1. Your table is beautiful and the one who will soon be seated there is far more so. I know that you will delight in that visit. I recently took my children out for breakfast, just the two of them (my daughter-in-law and grands were visiting relatives out of state). Well it was so pleasant. And to think you have more time than that!

    1. Oh thank you so much Vee! I am still trying to hold off a bit for a full autumn look...I think that must have been just what you needed...I love having breakfast out so I am thrilled you had the opportunity to spend a morning with your children! Hugs dear one!

  2. Your table setting is great. I love that you mixed up the mugs. I do like the colors. I love our family gatherings...but yes, I enjoy private time with each of my daughters. I feel it's good for the children also. Blessings, have a fun filled week. xoxo, Susie

  3. I love your tablescape! The colors of the chrysanthemums are just exquisite. I loved when my grands came and miss not going the extra mile every day. Enjoy your visit! XOXO

  4. Beautiful table. I LOVE those glasses! Have a wonderful time with your daughter. -Jenn

  5. Betsy, I'm so happy for you to have one on one time with your daughter. That is so special. Our daughter will be coming for a visit soon and we're excited as well. Your daughter will love the special touches you are adding to your lovely table. I adore that owl mug--He is a great one to welcome the new day. ♥


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