August 11, 2016


A Falling Leaf is Simply

When you plan and prepare a brunch for your family and guests,
 you are automatically making their day more luxurious. 
This was actually very enjoyable for me to create
and I certainly plan to use a similiar menu for the holidays!

Perhaps the very first thing to decide upon is The Menu!
I have served this Asparagus, Tomato Frittata in the past
and I knew it was absolutely delicious and easy to prepare,
so this was going to be the STAR of the brunch!
Then I created the invitation and selected the colors
which would evoke the feeling and mood of Autumn.
I selected what pitcher I wanted to use for the florals
and decided on one from my brown transferware collection.

I picked up a few inexpensive arrangements at the grocery
a few days before the brunch.
That's a great tip to save time as you won't have to worry
about your centerpiece the day of the brunch!

I chose to use lovely Autumn PAPER napkins, rather than linen
simply because I wanted elegance, combined with a bit of casual!'s less clean up!
I layered a few linen placemats and napkins underneath
 some of the foods and beverages.

Now it was time to search the china cupboard for 
fall plates and place them in the center of a rose hip wreath! 

Rather than put the jams in different bowls,
I thought these little jam jars featured a look of fall
and everyone would know what flavor of jam they were selecting.

To save even more time for the chef,
it's alright to pick up a few favorite pastries
from a well- trusted favorite bakery!
I just warmed them in the oven for a bit
with little drizzles of melted butter!

I served a toasted baguette
topped with ricotta cheese and orange marmalde!

You may choose to serve hot sizzling bacon,
but for this brunch I featured
grilled smoked sausage!
Everyone loved that they were "bite-sized!"

Now....for the beverages!
We began our Autumn Brunch with
your choice of Raspberry Bellini's or a
ice cold Mimosa!


Asparagus, Tomato, Fontina Fritatta!

Make time to create special moments for those you love.....

I chose my family's favorites for fresh fruits!
Sliced Cantelope and red ripe raspberries!

Show off your Southern Hospitality!

A toast to a delicious Autumn.......

Express your Southern Style....

Brunch can be a beautiful way to begin your day!

“Fall has always been my favorite season. 
The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, 
as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”
Lauren DeStefano, Wither

Create a lifestyle of easy, yet special entertaining......

This was a memorable event
to welcome Autumn.....
I hope you leave today with delightful
thoughts of that first crisp September day!


  1. This is so inviting (however my invitation must have got lost in the mail!!) I love the colors, flavors and the setting! The frittata looks delicious, the pastries look yummy and the beverages are so colorful (and I am sure tasty!!) Brunch at your home must always be a special event!

    1. Good Morning Patti! I so appreciate your visit! Thank you for visiting and leaving such sweet comments! So glad you enjoyed this post and I wish you a lovely fall season! Hugs!

  2. Well, this certainly makes me want to throw a brunch, or maybe I could just come to yours?? Everything looks so delicious, your menu is very brilliant and different :) Love the quotes too, summer waving goodbye and nature's grand finale! Fabulous!

    1. Hi Jenna! I would love to have you be our guest! Love having you visit today and leaving such kind comments! Hope you are enjoying a lovely summer!

  3. Hi Betsy,

    Everything looks just beautiful, as you said -- elegance with a little bit of casual! I love the flower arrangement and most especially, the gorgeous pitcher!! I also love the stag coasters with fall leaf borders. What a treat for your family to enjoy this wonderful brunch, as I think maybe we're all starting to look forward to fall. The colors of your food are beautiful, which makes everything look even tastier; you've truly created a beautiful table and brunch!

    Thanks for sharing with us -- wish I could be there in person!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Thank you ever so much Denise! I am thrilled you found something to enjoy! Your kind words just made my day! Do you have plans for the upcoming fall season? I found so many great tips from you on packing smartly while traveling! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Big Hugs!

  4. Oh how I'd love to go to a brunch. The pear and pepper jelly...yum.

    1. Hey Valarie! It is fun to take time, on occasion, to serve something special for a late can sure make your day when we treat ourselves to something just a little special! Do you have big plans for the fall yet? I think we are always ready! Thanks for visiting today!

  5. A beautiful table and wonderful food - you did a great job of putting this together!

    1. Hi Susan! You are such a love for visiting and leaving a sweet comment! So happy you enjoyed it! Wish you COULD come to brunch! Hugs!

  6. Betsy, your brunch is beautiful with every attention to detail so lovingly prepared. I love the menu, the flowers, your lovely dishes and your Southern hospitality makes it all special! ♥

    1. You are so sweet Martha Ellen! Sometimes I think about omelettes, but frittatas are easier I think! A combo of sweet and happy to have you visit and I very much appreciate your kind comments! Do you have plans for your weekend? Always look forward to your travels and beautiful blog! Big hugs!

  7. This is beautiful, Betsy! The food all sounds amazing and you sure found pretty little pieces to incorporate. Now I want to have a party!

    1. Hi Stacey! That's what blogging is all about...sharing our ideas and ispiration! Cannot wait to see what your brunch features! Thank you for visiting today! Hope you are looking forward to cooler fall weather!

  8. This lovely post cooled me off a bit on this hot, dry day in Ontario. I so look forward to Fall and your brunch looks so inviting. I love your menu and your choice from the china cupboard. I'm very attracted to the brown plates you have chosen. They are gorgeous.

    1. Hey Deb! So glad to hear from you! I is currently 104 degrees here in Texas! I think we are melting....sounds like y'all have a long dry summer too! The brown plates are from Pfaltzgraff! Thank you so much for dropping by today! Kiss the kitties for me!

  9. Beautiful table! Everything looks so delicious and "fomey"!! Thats what my kids say when I set a pretty table with all the foods they love.....fancy yet homey!! They crazy!
    Any chance we might get recipe for that gorgeous frittata??!!!!

    1. LOL...that is just precious jmac! Of it the link for the frittata.. you try it! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a sweet comment, Big hugs!

  10. It looks just wonderful. I'm ready for fall. Funny I'm even ready for winter.. Lovely with lobe Janice

    1. Hi Janice! So happy to have you visit today! Hugs!

  11. I love autumn and entertaining! Brunch would be so much fun! Thank you for sharing this post with us, Betsy!

    1. Oh me too Deanna...and YOU have such a gorgeous place to live during the fall months! Your home just is always so warm and cozy looking! I have always loved your photos of the family gatherings outside around a warm fire! Big hugs!

  12. super foto

  13. Beautiful and gracious Southern Style living.
    Your inspiration is delightful and I am so pleased that you shared this with us too!

  14. A brunch is my favorite kind of entertaining.
    People can stop by and visit and everyone still has their afternnon.
    Yours looks so beautiful!


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