August 1, 2016


Good Mornin' Y'all!
When I make my way into the kitchen
for our first cup of morning coffee,
 I always notice what the skyline looks like!
When it's a gorgeous look like it was this morning,
I quickly run out to capture the moment!

One cannot possibly argue that this is God's gift to us for the day!

I love finding little things for the kitchen that just
make it a happy space!
Why not serve up a sweet message when
you enjoy an afternoon snack with those that you love!

Wouldn't this put a smile on your face?

Fresh and cool pastel macaroons
a cool creamy mango bite!

Oh yes....Life can be SO Delicious!

How about Cranberry Almond Biscotti Thins
fresh summer berries!

I wish I had a bicycle with a basket of flowers,
don't you?

Now, THIS is so true....
happiness is indeed HOMEMADE...
Whole grain crackers with cheese
Lime yogurt topped with cruncy granola!

Let's make life beautiful and fun lovies...
we don't get second chances!


  1. All those snacks look delicious and the plates are adorable! A feast for the senses!

  2. Your plates and bowls are so cute! I have lime yogurt in my fridge right now! I'm seriously into a lemon/lime stage right now. Perfect on these hot days. -Jenn

  3. Hot? Yes Ma'am....so hot. August looks to be a very long month with more of the same.
    Wish I had one of your macarons!!

  4. You are so right!! My daughter, Amber, recently told me that it's a comfort to her the way I serve things and how I prepare food. That was a true compliment because what better way to show our love as to 'comfort' our family? I am absolutely certain your family feels that very way about you! And your blog post are a comfort to ME! I can always stop by here and leave a bit more cherry with food for thought or a recipe! Thank you.....


I so love receiving your thoughts and comments. I also hope you found something that made you smile.