July 31, 2016


The Divine Miss M had a much needed
evening out with one of her besties, Christina!
I would say, there is nothing that does the
body and mind of a busy mom good,
than cocktails and dinner out, then
attending a good movie that results in laughter!
Things are winding up to begin a new school year
over in Atlanta, so I was so happy to see she
took some time for herself!

What a marvelous way to end the month of July
by enjoying A FANTASTIC MOVIE 
a fabulous seafood dinner
in the great state of TEXAS!

I am a huge Woody Allen fan,
and his latest and greatest certainly did not disappoint!
Oh, the fashion, the old Hollywood homes, the vintage cars...
and the MUSIC.....this movie was MARVELOUS!

The movie is set in the golden era
of the 1930's in Hollywood when there was
glamour and elegance everywhere!
Bravo to Jesse Eisenberg for charmingly
channeling the characteristics and mannerisms of
a younger Woody Allen!
Oh Mr. Allen has always known how to
write and create a poignant romantic comedy!

We are creatures of habit
when going to our favorite theater
and always hop over to one of our favorite
seafood spots for cocktails and dinner.

We take some time to talk about the movie
and people watch!

We discussed how frustrating it was
to order fresh oysters in Maine
which were served so differently than
we enjoy them in the South....
what? No crackers, no horseradish or Tabasco???

Just LOVE this place...
they served up a fresh seafood boil
just for him...the shrimp were amazing!!!!

I chose a bowl of hot and spicy gumbo!
Now, THIS was a fun-filled date night!
Here comes the dog days of Summer....
my least favorite month!
What fun things have you enjoyed this summer?


  1. Can't wait to see this movie!! and I do love that theatre when I'm in dallas!

  2. Oh this looks like a great evening. What I'd give for my hubby to take me on a date.


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