July 12, 2016


when everyone shares their favorite new beauty finds!
I have always taken the advice of my darling sister,
Miss Judy, when it comes to summer outdoors
keeping your complexion and skin
healthy and vibrant looking.
She has been a DERMATOLOGY nurse
for the past thirty years and
so I have been fortunate to have the
"Inside secrets" from two
top female Dermatologist's
in the entire state of Florida!
Miss Judy has a gorgeous, flawless
peaches and cream complexion
happens to be five years older than me.

You know....I saw a picture
of Goldie Hawn the other day
which was beach photo out in California....
the captions were about how THIN she still is
and how amazing she looks at 70!
Now, I adore Goldie Hawn..always have
yes, she does look thin and fit for her age.
However.....she has severe sun damage to her skin.
I am guessing it's from being out in that
California sun for many years!
So, the best advice freely given from
the two Dermatologists......
So....from head to toesies....
here are my favorite
summer beauty finds!

I love CeraVe products
The Divine Miss recommended CeraVe a few years ago,
which were products that HER dermatologist had recommended.
I use their hydrating cleanser and AM and PM moisturizers.
I have recently added their sunscreen to the Darling's
regimen when he golfs!
A necessity from now on!
He is required to wear a hat when participating in
any outdoor activity...and
not to mention, he looks so darn cute in
that white baseball hat!

I think many of us have fallen in love with OGX products!
The Cherry Blossom is LOVELY for summer months...
not only does it have a lovely soft frargance..it
is so hydrating!
It can be quite lovely when your significant
other walks up behind you and says...

Have you tried the pink Lip Therapy from Vaseline...
I keep this sweet little jar in my purse makeup bag
and also use this every night!

Favorite night cream...Garnier Ulra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream
Favorite Primer-Loreal Magic Perfecting Base
Favorite Summer Foundation-Loreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute

Favorite Summer Lipcolors- REVLON...
Cardinal Spirit, Silver Rose and Persian Melon
Favorite Summer Nail color-Sunday Funday by Essie

Never neglect those pretty summer pedicures since we often
live in sandals.....I treat myself to a pedicure once a week (at home).
A fabulous investment is a Micro Pedi from Emjoi....
finish it off with Shea Butter Barefoot Lotion
in Peppermint and Plum!

Some of us have been blessed with natural beauty.....
just keep this in mind.....


  1. Love the Audrey quote. I will have to try some of these products, because you look great and I'd like that please. Sweet cat photo. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Susie! What are your favorite beauty finds for the summer? I love trying new items that others have found to be their favorites! Have a beautiful week ahead darling girl!

  3. I love that you pointed out how important sunscreen and a hat is, Betsy! I have dark skin and never worried about the sun growing up. My husband is just the opposite and he must wear a wide brim hat (not so cute) to cover his ears. He's had a few skin cancers removed. I've worn Neutragena sunscreen for years now. We're much smarter about taking care of skin these days. Thanks for all of your great tips. And also the great Hepburn quote! ♥

  4. You are exactly right Martha Ellen! Cover your ears also! Neutrogena has a great sunscreen, which I use on my hands. Love your comments!!!

  5. Love, love this post! I didn't know Cere Ve makes a sunscreen; a must have. Thank you for the tips and that quote is perfect, XOXO

  6. I am going to look up that micropedi from Emjoi. I agree with you about hats and always wear them outdoors. People even give me compliments on my hats, so it's true you can look good AND protect your skin.

    1. Oh yes Terra...I love this beauty product! I am going to give one to all my girlies at Christmas! Have a beautiful week!

  7. Hey Susan! I know have my husband carry this in his golf bag! It is just a must have for summer and actually all year long! Have a great day love!

  8. Just walked in the door from taking my hubby to the dermatologist! That's become a regular visit for both of us in the last two years. CeraVe products are what our derm recommends also. For my face he told me to use Neutrogena Advanced Wrinkle Repair. It's not repairing to the extent that I wish it would but it gives me confidence that it's legitimate since he recommended it.

    Now like a nerd, I've been sitting here taking pictures of your recommendations so I can remember them at the store. I love beauty ideas too especially when they come from someone my age. :)

  9. Oh me too Stacey! If someone has tried a product and loves it due to results....then I love trying them also! So good to know you like CeraVe too. I never forget the tried and true beauty products like Almond Oil which was a favorite of Jackie Kennedy..on my vanity always! Have a great week love!

  10. As I was working out in the sun today, I began to fret that I should not without protection and a hat! I am saving my pennies for a visit to the dermatologist.

  11. I love the little bit of excitement I get over a new lipstick or nail polish! I don't wear dark or bright lipsticks anymore, and I'm kind of bad for chewing around on my lips and basically eating off my lipstick within an hour of putting it on, but I love wearing it anyway. I use that same kind of foundation, too! Great product suggestions. -Jenn

  12. The Audrey quote is perfect! Hubs is never without one of his cowboy hats as he had several precancerous spots removed from his face. I love a beauty post like this...it's like sitting down with girlfriends and comparing notes on what works and what doesn't.


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