April 27, 2016


Hey everyone!
I have absolutely loved
seeing everyone share their garden photos recently.
Some of your flowers are a little ahead of ours.
but I thought I would share what is going on thus far.
Garden elements bring such whimsy to our gardens,
but I think the star of the show will always be the blooms!

This beautiful garden arch was a 
Mother's Day gift from my children a few years ago!
I absolutely love it!

There is probably no better reading corner
than the garden, don't you agree?
By the way, I am devouring
Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt's new book!

This was a gift from The Divine Miss M...
Love it!!!!

Oh our chiminea....
an anniversary gift from the darling
years ago....
I have always felt it was THE prettiest one I 
have ever seen!

Every day that the cardinal visits,
is a gift.....

The old weathered bird house....

I think purple seems to be the color I choose the most

Do you have a wind spinner?
They are just delightful to watch.....

This memorial stone was a gift from Miss Judy
when we lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Tucker.
And indeed he is....
forever in our hearts....

I am not sure what this shrub is,
but I adore it.
It provides great pollination for the busy bees....

The spirea have just begun to bloom

My fragrant Viola's are a new addition this year
and so far, it is proving to be successful.

I plan to put an asparagus fern in this spot

Love, love, love this!!!!
It just says,
"Howdy Y'all!"

Peace out.....

Maepole on patrol....

Thank you for stopping by today!
Big hugs!


  1. Hi Betsy! How pretty everything is in your garden! Love all of your 'elements' too! Your blooms are so pretty and we brought our Texas Star up here with us and proudly have it displayed on our fence (in the back yard)and have little twinkle lights on it! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. What a marvelous idea Shelia. Honey, I love twinkle lights on anything! I know how happy this must make you with a reminder of the great state of Texas!!! Big hugs for visiting me today!

  2. Good Morning Betsy! This is such a lovely post! Your flowers are so pretty, and I really like all of your garden "elements" as well, especially the glass globes. I think you called them fairy globes (?) in a past post. As usual, your post brightened my day and put a smile on my face. Just what I needed on this stormy day down here. :) I hope you didn't sustain any damage from the storms that roared through.

    1. Good Morning Connie! You made my day...thank you for visiting and leaving such kind comments! If this little post, gave you a lift or a smile....that makes me SO happy! Have a lovely weekend coming up!!! Big hugs!

  3. Betsy, I know you love your garden as I do! All of your elements blend so lovely. Little Mae is such a sweet one looking all regal in her window. Great shot of the cardinal flying in for dinner. Enjoy every moment in your lovely oasis! ♥

    1. Hey Martha Ellen! You are such a love! Thank you for your sweet comments and I love, as always, having you visit!!! Hugs!

  4. I have that same spirea! Love it! Your garden is looking so good. Your Morning Glory is beautiful on your arch!

    My mother and I sat outside on our deck yesterday and visited. We loved watching a Cardinal flying around.

    Have a good day!

    1. Hi Deanna...this made me a bit I envy you are able to enjoy your beautiful gardens with your Mom....I can only do that in spirit...I miss that! So happy for you that you enjoyed a beautiful spring day....blessings and hugs!

  5. Love your garden photos. So many pretty things. It tickles me that your cat looks out the screen. So sweet. Our old chiminea broke,but the bottom was still I turned it into a fairy garden for my granddaughter. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Good Morning Susie! Oh my win first prize for sharing such a marvelous idea....I am going to do just that if I ever lose my chiminea....hopefully it will last many more years....just adore that!!! Have a beautiful weekend love!

  6. I'm sure this is Mae Mobley's favorite time of the much to see outside when everything comes alive :)

    1. Hi Terri! She loves looking at the birds....and bunnies! I find it so darling to see her get excited when she sees all the activity at the bird feeders! Hope you are enjoying some beautiful spring weather! So love having you visit today!

  7. You are so much more advanced with flowers, than we are here. As are many. But we will finally catch up. :-)

    Enjoy your spring!


  8. What a beautiful post, Betsy!! Your garden looks lovely! The garden arch and the "Welcome" sign are wonderful gifts, and one of our neighbors has the wind spinner like yours. I do love purple flowers as well -- purple and pink are two of my favorites.

    That's such a sweet memorial stone for your retriever; we had a cat years ago named Tucker. Mae is such a cutie, and I bet she rules the roost just like our Duncan. Thanks for your visit and have a great day!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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