February 15, 2016


Good Morning Loves...
how was your Valentine's Day?
The darling and I had THE most marvelous weekend
celebrating this day of romance down in Austin!

This was our gift to each other...
spending the weekend with our youngest....
the weather could not have been more perfect
as we headed down I-35 on our way to our state's capital! 

We love the drive down to Austin and 
have traveled this road many times 
over the past thirty years.
We refrained from stopping at Collin Street Bakery
on this trip, but will definitely plan to stop the next time around.

There's Waco.....
many great weekends have been spent in this sweet city.
We had many soccer tournaments while Rob
was playing on a Select team.
Most of them during the 100 degree heat of August!

We had reservations at my favorite hotel!

We dropped by and picked him up for lunch....
then ran into one of his coworkers and best friends at the same place!

Austin is full of amazing dining spots...
all with an eclectic Austin vibe!
Fried chicken!!!!
The darling's favorite!

They both ordered the fried chicken basket
and I opted for two small sides of
Fried Okra and Sweet Potatoes!
We had the most darling waiter who was so friendly and funny!
And....Lucy's is "dog friendly"
so there were some precious pets around enjoying the day! 

We had previously bought movie tickets after lunch,
so we headed over to the theater.
We always pass this magnificent Victorian
and I managed to snap a picture as we passed....
wish I knew what it was.
Maybe I can arrange a visit inside on our next trip down! 

We all were looking forward to this movie
it did not disappoint!
Excellent script and acting....
Bravo to our favorite Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo!
Five stars for this one!

We then went back to the hotel
to change for dinner and
enjoy some relaxation and the cocktail hour.
Then it was on to 
Perla's Seafood and Oyster Bar for dinner!

This is the daytime look of this fabulous seafood restaurant 
located on Congress Street.
Congress is similar to Greenville Avenue in Dallas...
exciting happenings going on!

We did not have reservations which was fine
as it allowed us about an hour at the bar
and people watching.

Great music, great atmosphere! 

We enjoyed some fresh oysters along with our cocktails...
this was a fantastic atmosphere! 

The bartenders were bustling.....

Many were celebrating Valentine's Day....
romance was in the air....

With the weather being perfect,
we sat outside under the trees
which were covered in twinkling lights.
The food was AMAZING....
Rob had a lobster roll which would rival
all the ones we enjoyed in Maine,
that's quite a compliment!
What an amazingly fun day...
then it was nighty-nite folks!

It's so great to go out to breakfast before we head back to Dallas.
Rob had quite a treat planned for us on this
Valentine's day morning....

Oh my.....
Am I really going to order
The Dirty Plucker?

Yes, my darlings....
this menu is all about the doughnuts!!!!!

Hot coffee and Austin style Mimosa's to start the day......

"What do you think Mom?"

Say it ain't so....this is a huge doughnut,
topped with two pieces of hot fried chicken
drenched in a Maple glaze.....
I will tell you.....
it was phenomenal.....
I would order this for my last meal!!!!

Austin is an amazing city!
Every place we have dined at has been
top notch!
Very friendly and polite people everywhere
and the best food and service ever!

On the way home,
I thought I would capture some interesting country views
along the way....
this my darlings....
is Texas countryside! 

Almost home....

Heading into Dallas...

The entrance to The Dallas Zoo.....

There she is....
the Dallas skyline....
The Great State of Texas!

I think we will be eating salad greens for
the next month.....


  1. preciosas fotografías, besos desde España

  2. What a great weekend! Loved seeing the sights, XOXO

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you for visiting today! Big hugs!

  3. Your family is so nice. I laughed about the big donuts. So great to have a fun weekend filled the love of your fellows. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. It was the best Susie! Hope you had a great weekend also!

  4. It had to be great if you would order it for your last meal. =D I read the description of it to John and he's still chuckling. So glad that "almost home" wasn't home! Happy dieting...

    1. Austin is a very wonderful city Vee. Hope you get to visit sometime....I believe you are enjoying alot of snow these days! Y'all have a great week! Hugs!!

  5. Oh, but eating like a pig is what traveling is all about :)

    1. Well...not sure about that, but unique and delicious food is certainly a part of our travels! Thank you for stopping by today Terri!

  6. Super little holiday!

    I love sitting at a bar, with Manhattans, before going in to dinner. We even make reservations, a bit later, to allow our bar time. It's fun!!!

    Oh my, that breakfast! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! ,-)))))))


    1. Oh....sipping Manhattans at a great bar....yes...that would be SO nice! Have a great week Tessa!

  7. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Estelle. You don't know how many times I made that trek down to Austin when I lived in McKinney. My Dad lives in Austin. Looks like I'll be in Austin for his 98th birthday. We will have to try Perla's! Have a good week. Enjoy that great Austin weather.

    1. Oh how wonderful Katie...98? Incredible!!! Austin is so unique...always a great time and so much to see. You will love Perla's! Stay warm under all that lovely, cold snow! Hugs!

  8. I see all those same sights when I go to visit my Dad! He lives just outside Austin in Lockhart. Doesn't that caterpillar dome house thingy crack you up? I really kind of wish they'd tear it all down.

    The places you visited to eat all look amazing!

    1. Austin is full of great places to eat....all exceptional! I love that ride down there as I am learning you do also Stacey! Texas is in our hearts! Hugs!

  9. What a nice getaway, Betsy! Sounds and looks lovely as does the food! Yum! ♥

    1. Hi Martha Ellen! Thank you so much for your visit today...have a great week!

  10. Wowie! What a weekend! So fun to spend it with your son.

    That donut place sounds interesting, especially since I'm eating low carb!

    1. Oh Deanna...it was not anything I would ever have tried....but...it was such a fun and unique dining experience! Children keep you young at heart for sure! Have a great week!

  11. I loved every word and every pic of this post! My sisters and I will be celebrating our Sisters Trip this weekend! We're going down to Galveston. Last February, Deanie and I went to San Antonio. Austin might be a very good destination for our trip next year!

    1. You are such a love Linda! I know your trip to Galveston will be soooo fun! Y'all have a good one! Glad to see your Mother is enjoying being pampered at your house! Hugs!

  12. Thank you for taking us on your little trip! I love seeing new places. I can't believe you got a donut with fried chicken on it!! -Jenn

    1. HA....I cannot believe it either Jenn...divine!!! Thank you for visiting today!

  13. What a fabulous weekend trip you had plus all the wonderful food. I'd be so full I'd have to eat salad for a week and exercise like crazy to burn off all the calories. :)


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