January 10, 2016


Cold, blustery winds, gray and wintery looking...
that's us right now.

Scents of vanilla on the farmhouse table

Chinese takeout and good fortunes....
I took the darling's and mine....
I like them both!


Loves her new toys from Piper

The Saturday morning view.....

Got to watch our girl play in the volleyball tournament

"Please tell your Dad to face the camera....."
didn't happen

Cannot believe she is going to be
Sweet Sixteen next month...
where is the time going?

Hope y'all had a great weekend!
Yes, I am watching 
"Making a Murderer" on Netflix....
perplexing to say the least! 

~Estelle's is celebrating a new look! 


  1. boo hoooo...I know...our youngest grandgirl turned 14 today...and our 3 18 yr olds will graduate high school in the spring and one will graduate college....like you, i wonder where those years went but am soooooooo glad to have spent quality time with them all.

    1. You have such precious grandchildren BJ! I love, love seeing what they are doing and their photos! Y'all always seem to be laughing and eatig something delicous looking! Have a wonderful week love and thanks for visiting today!

  2. And what a beautiful look your blog has!!!
    It's cold here in our camper tonight! We have the little electric heater humming constantly and it takes a bit of the chill out of the air. We have our piled high with warm blankets and quilts so we sleep well!
    I have my candles lit here, too, in celebration of a cold winter's day!

    1. It must be a tad bit colder and windier than here Linda...it always seems to be when you are out in fields such as the ranch! Y'all stay warm and toasty.....can't wait to hear more about your time!! Have a lovely week!!

  3. You must be missing spring and summer. It looks very pretty here. My eldest grand will be ten in a few days and I am asking the same thing...

    1. These are my photos of the ranch here Vee. I decided to reflect more of our life and times and feature my own photography. Hope you have a blessed week ahead! Big hugs!

  4. ...and, that is the most adorable little man in the Forsythia :) xoxo

    1. Aw, a big hug for that BJ...our little grandson Luke who is the sweetest and funniest child ever! I appreciate your comment on that!


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