January 2, 2016


Now before you head out to the nearest Home Goods, Nordstrom's or Macy's,
you may want to consider the new Pantone Colors for 2016!


I was SHOCKED when I saw this...really I was!
My first thought was my parent's master bathroom...
pink and blue.
Then I thought of the homes in the 1980's when pink and blue
were the "country colors" in fashion.
No ma'am..I could not even imagine this style would return.

But I did find a "few" decorating styles that were somewhat appealing...
See what your thoughts are on this.

I like this....it's soft and comforting. 
Mother always said you must "envision"
your food on the plate pattern you choose.
Does breakfast, lunch and dinner look appealing on it? 
In this case, yes...or is it too feminine?

Love this look!
Perhaps when we find our Italian villa, this will be the look I would go for! 

Now I lay me down to sleep.....
Mr. Carson could bring me coffee every morning.......

This might be a fun look for a sweet teen...
a bit funky!!

Now we are hitting the mark.....
Serenity paired with animal print...my style exactly!
By the way...
the darling said, "Serenity is NOT a color...
it's a feeling and a state of mind!"

Cottage chic

I think you would FEEL serenity
when you say, Nite-Nite in this little bedroom!

I adore pink....so Rose Quartz is going to be somewhere in my home this year.
Everyone looks pretty in pink darling girl.....

Oh yes......a pink cardigan and a touch of leopard...
That's the ticket!

What do y'all think?
Are you "all in" on Rose Quartz and Serenity?


  1. I won't return to those colors in my home, but I would wear pink or blue, though I usually go for jewel tones.

    Everything 'old' is new again!


  2. Mmmmmm, no.... The 'serenity' is too dark for me. And the 'rose quartz' is too light.

    If I used a gray, it would be pale. And though I love the pink family, my preference is for deeper shades.

    But your first and second illustration pictures, are quite lovely.

    It's all in fun anyway, to me anyway.

  3. I could do blue..or pink(in tiny doses)..but I could never do both. As the values or shades deepen or lighten..it makes a difference that might be tolerable. But yes, I am all on board for a touch of pink mixed with leopard.LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. The leopard is lovely, not feeling the pink or blue but that is my personal choice.

  5. What goes around, comes around! My daughter's recent wedding was teal and light pink, so was a form of serenity and rose quartz. I am good with serenity; however, the rose quartz would not work with my husband or our western theme!

  6. * thud *

    Not a fan of the "new" color combination with the exception of the sixth...must be the pillow. Hopefully, the 80s people will update with only minor adjustments. I am waiting for the 70s colors to return. I'm an autumn kind of gal.

    I once read in some decorating magazine or other, and who's to say if it is correct, that pink and blue are the most immature of color combinations.

    Sparking debate over here! Always fun, Betsy.

  7. I picked pinkish mauve and slate blue for stenciling at the top of my bedroom walls in the 80's. The woman doing it thought I was crazy; however, it became a trend and I'm definitely not a decorator.

  8. I had the country blue and mauve way back when in my house and I don't see it happening again. :) I read recently that the Benjamin Moore color of the year was Simply White. If I had the energy to paint my walls right now, I think I'd change from the light beige I have to white. Not a stark white, tho. I love red and jewel tones, too. Mainly for accents, although I do have a couple of walls in the kitchen painted red.
    Have a nice weekend, Betsy!

  9. I do love that pink cardigan and that leopard skirt! I just hope they don't bring back peach and those up lights!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. No, not for me! I love animal prints so would go with the leopard in any room. I tried the mauve and blue ~ didn't work. I did use peach and blue for awhile and loved it! :) I'm more of a jewel tone girl and especially love black, gold, red. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy New Year!

  11. I do love pink and actually have it here in there in my home. Not sure about blue and pink however, that sounds too much like baby shower colors.


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