January 7, 2016


Every so often,
I like to take a trip down memory lane of life in Maine.
This was a view out of our office upstairs of the early
morning hours one January morning.

The house you see right next door was empty.
The family moved to England shortly after
we had moved in and lived there for two years.
They decided to keep their home as they planned to come back
to Maine after the husband's tenure was up in England.
They came back home every Christmas.

The snowplows came nightly and also around 2 AM and 5 AM.
Those yellow stakes outlined our driveway so Kurt, 
our snowplow guy, could locate the pathway everyday.

Greg and Jenn had never experienced such winter days!

I think he will always be glad he had the experience to snowplow
an icy driveway in the dead of a Maine winter.

That's the darling and Greg at the end of the driveway.
Good lord, how do people survive these long winter months?

This proved to be quite the job! 
This is the entryway to the front door.

Our deer would come up through
the woodlands in the evening.
We left apples and crushed acorns out for them
to help them survive these cold months.
It was my "gift from heaven" when I saw them.....

These were our woodland views from our deck.
I have never seen anything so beautiful and magical
when it snowed right here.
Like a winter wonderland....
but it was also six months of this!
We're glad to be home in Texas, yet so thankful for the experience
Maine life! 

Now....a few snippets of what's going on here....

First and foremost....
soft surroundings....
New Lip Color.....
Tropical Coral

Preparing dinner....
freezing individual stuffed peppers from Costco!
These are divine!
Thank you Miss M for the suggestion! 

A new hobby,,,
I joined the bandwagon of coloring for adults...
why didn't I think of this?

It's what's for lunch.....

The new read....
what's on your reading list?

This is what I love about cats...
so very chic without even trying....

What's going on at your house?


  1. I am clearing away the Christmas decor, bit by bit and trying to get organized. I always like to think through how the house is arranged room by room and see how it can function better. I also am working on decor to go in place of the Christmas decor being packed away.

    Love your photos of Maine!


    1. With the wedding and the holidays, I am sure you are staying busy Deanna! Cannot wait to see the new look over at your house! Blessings and hugs!

  2. Your photos of Maine remind me of winters in PA/NJ as a kid and young adult.... Life has taken me many places since then but i still long for that hushed quiet snow filled world..... We are in Arkansas now as you know and no snow yet.... but i keep hoping... I feed the deer here corn and i just love it when they visit us almost daily. Your right it is a gift. The other day we had 8 bucks in our front yard... it took my breath away... Did you know the deer also love watermelon??? I have put out apples before because i know they like them but they ate the corn around the apples and left the apples... the squirrels ate the apples...lol

    I think i would happily jump on the coloring book bandwagon but i think that would take me away from my drawing and sketching... So i actually draw my own coloring book pages then color them...lol I'm so glad you shared your Maine photos! Hugs! deb

  3. I certainly did not know deer loved watermelon....wish I had known that. We rarely saw them in summer however. We had wild turkeys at our birdfeeders which was a first for us! They loved cold, misty mornings. The squirrels were big fat and gorgeous! Yes, Deb, you have the true artistic talent to create your own coloring pages...now THAT is a gift! I would guess you will probably have snow before winter gives up....big hugs for visiting today!

  4. First, thank you for your lovely ideas comment, on my Hibernation post!

    And see that our minds were running in the same path! With your wonderful memories of living in a reallllly-snowwww-winter place. :-) We aren't having much snow, this winter, but cold!!!

    Yummy lunch!

    Just finished the latest in 'The Naturals' series ("All In") by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. She writes intricate YA mysteries. So glad, there has to be another book, in the series.

    And of course, Miss Mae is always lovely......

    1. Of course....I love hearing how others pass the time productively when snuggled up inside for long periods. I seemed to have slipped on ice every year during winter...so...too old for that! I have found our stationary bike is a good thing for being inside and moving!! I will check out your suggested reads....and I so thank you for this! Mae Mo' thanks you too! Stay warm today!

  5. So far, winter is looking pretty tame. Hope that it stays this way. Finishing up the dismantling...so far the ornamets are on the dining table, but the tree is safely packed away until next November. Your kitty sure is a lovely girl. Who is the pretty, fluffy one in your beautiful header?

    1. I don't know the kitty's name, however, when the darling and I first married we adopted two cats....our gray persian looked so much like her and we called her Elsa! She was very, very sweet and lived to be 19. I miss her and always carry her tiny spirit in my heart. Take care packing away the holidays....hugs and blessing to you!

  6. That looks like pure torture to me! I'll take this Texas winter any time over all that cold in your pictures. Every place and season has its beauty but I don't like to be that cold.

    Loved John Grisham books from long ago. If I'm remembering right The Last Juror was great!

    I agree with you completely about cats. :)

    1. Hi Stacey! Yes, honey it was indeed COLD! for sooooooo long too! Cannot wait to get further into the story...My husband and I attended Ole Miss in Oxford and John Grisham lived there for some time...that would be exciting wouldn't it? Have a lovely weekend love, and thank you for visiting today! Hugs!

  7. Oh we just love the state of Maine but have only been in the spring and fall. I'm sure it's glorious in the wintertime. The snap of the deer is so beautiful! Hope you're doing well and have had a good week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Those pictures are what our winters are usually like, but this year the weather has given us a break (so far). I love your kitty in the sunbeam picture! -Jenn


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