December 27, 2015


We had a lovely Christmas eve night here in Texas!
Perfect temperatures, a full moon and everyone made it safe and sound
as they traveled up to our house.

It almost felt strange to have such warm weather in December.

Rob was due in to Love Field about 8:30 PM,
but as luck would have it, his flight had been delayed
in Austin. It was 9:30 PM before he got home...
so I prepared all the appetizers and kept them 
warm until he could join us for the festivities. 

The Christmas Eve punch turned out beautifully.
The grandchildren felt so special having their own beverage!
I used mother's ice ring which was the shape of a Christmas bell.

Don't you love looking through the windows of a home
and seeing the lights glowing from the Christmas tree.......

Oh the glorious food....
cookies, homemade candy, cakes, dips, and appetizers....
everything was SO good!!!

Everyone opened their Christmas Eve gift, which were new PJ's and socks!
They immediately ran upstairs to put them on and then
the games began...and lasted well past midnight!

Christmas morning started with Mimosa's,
a hot breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls!

Nick, Cat and the children headed back home after the
gift exchange to host Christmas dinner for Catherine's family.

Catherine and her grandmother, Miss Ann..
90 years young!

Christmas Day, 2015 was very mild and quiet.

People were walking their dogs through
the greenbelt and children
were seen riding their new Christmas bicycles.

Rob was SO looking forward to that fried turkey...
since he had to work Thanksgiving, he missed out on all
the delicious food!
So in addition to the fried turkey,
we added a yummy cajun ham.

The opening of the Christmas Crackers!

Yet, another blessed Christmas day.

Over in Atlanta, the Christmas Eve party
was in full swing...with the Peanuts gang
singing carols and fresh buttery crab legs in the oven!

Luke loves the tradition of leaving out
cookies and milk for Santa!

We are thankful for family and for health.
We are thankful for safe travels.
We are thankful for our faith
and the bond of love that holds strong.
We hope you had a wonderful and most merry Christmas Day! 


  1. Lovely Christmas family photos. Love the jammie one. :) Enjoy these quieter days as we bring in the New Year with those we love. Hugs, Deb

  2. You all had a wonderful Christmas! Family is the best!


  3. Betsy, Having your family with you at Christmas makes it more special. You are a good looking bunch .:):) Blessings to all. xoxo,Susie

  4. This is some type of Christmas miracle! Do tell how you managed to coerce them into the picture with their pj's on. I couldn't get mine to do that when they were littles. PS Like the pj's.

  5. Looks like a great Christmas. Your family is adorable. So glad the tornado didn't hit you. Poor Garland!!


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