December 24, 2015


It's Christmas Eve, 2015.....

All is merry and bright here in Texas....
oh yes.....very warm too!
Shorts and flip-flops in fact.....two years ago, 
we had a white Christmas!

I'll just bet your home is bustling with excitement
with the little ones waiting for Santa's arrival!

The baking is in full swing and the turkey is being prepared
for Christmas Dinner.
Michael Buble' is singing on Pandora
and the evergreen candles are all aglow!

I sent Rob this picture of whipping up the cheesecake
for our Christmas dinner.
Poor darling, has to work until 5:30 PM,
which means he has to catch a later flight from Austin...
I wish it was like it used to be and everyone was home
with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I really do.....I wish that very much!

I had the most amazing cake
at Linda's Christmas tea...
it was Kentucky Butter Cake!

I HAD to make one for our Christmas Eve buffet!
Let me just say....BUTTER and RUM....
Heavenly......just heavenly!

Oh my lawd....what a gorgeous cake she is!
Here's the recipe I used.....


Mae Mobley has been close by my side all week...
we have listened to Pandora
and wrapped the packages!

She loves a nice quiet time in the early morning hours.
as we sit together and I savor the first cup of morning coffee.

Over in Atlanta....
there has been a catastrophe in the making....
Piper performed a "face- off" on Snowy the Elf!

As we all know....puppies chew everything in sight.
Even though Snowy was minding his own business high up on a shelf,
Piper managed to spot him,,,,,grab him...and chew his sweet little smiling face off! 

Luke has written a letter to Santa to ask if Snowy can be admitted
to the North Pole Emergency Room after Christmas.....he wanted to
give Santa the "head's up" on how Snowy might appear on Christmas Eve night...

Snowy did not let this interfere with his daily duties, however, of 
making merry high jinks for his little Luke the Duke....
Isn't it magical what Santa's elves can do?

Merry Christmas Eve Y'all!!!
For my Mr. Wonderful......


  1. You always leave me smiling!!! And for once I am not reaching for a recipe card!!
    Merry Christmas, Betsy, to you and yours!

    1. Well that warms my heart if you visit and leave smiling.....thank YOU for the recipe...I am thrilled to say this is "Linda's cake!" Y'all have a VERY MERRY Christmas!!!

  2. Okay, where's the rum on that recipe? I'm desperate for something delicious and a cake over cookies. I can't face baking cookies tonight!

    Everything looks great at your place, Betsy. Sorry about the difficulties in Elfdom...hope that your grandson can help get it all figured out.

    1. It's a done deal. No rum, but there's plenty of vanilla and it's sprinkled with confectioner's sugar, which is hiding a few minor boo-boos. Smells great here. Thanks to both you and Linda!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  4. I wish that I was at your house!! Everything looks beautiful and I know the cake is delish! Hope the elf issue is resolved quickly.

    Thanks for sharing your holiday. Wishing you and yours a very blessed and Merry Christmas!


  5. What a wonderful Christmas post- I felt like I was right there.
    I LOVE a great cake and thank you for the recipe.

    Merry Christmas,


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